Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quick News update (Justine on her mama)

Firstly, thank you Danielle for the news update and secondly, once again I'm sorry for being such a slow poke in updating Juju news.

So this time round her news are in video forms and unfortunately, I haven't been studying french and been procrastinating to study it (bad bad ST!). In any case, if you can understand french, you will feel more on the emotional side when she talked about her late mother who died of cancer when Justine was like 12 yrs of age.

If you don't understand french, just watch the video and admire her cute face and sexy voice, while signing up for learning french language courses in the near future to understand what she says.

I'll embed the videos here:

The above source is from this site:

And another one here (there are two parts where Justine will appear in. The 1st part starts from 01:51 to 04:55 and the second part from 11:07 to 12:02)

The above source is from this site:

I still regret not pushing myself to go and learn french so as to at least understand what she is trying to say, but from the titles, the first video is titled "Justine Henin recalls the death of her mother for Télévie" and the second one is titled "Justine Henin talks about her mother died of cancer", one can tell that it's a rather emotional video.
I cannot imagine how Justine pushed herself through her teenage years after losing her mum. I've heard some fans of her who said that Justine grew up into an adult "overnight", skipping her adolescence years. She has a very matured thinking at a very young age, like I said b4, I think if she and me were both 13 years old , she might already be reading world news, writing journals while I'm still playing with my teddy bears (even up till now ^_^; )

Hope Justine lives a happy successful and fulfilling life! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Marathon for charity-JFK

Got this news from the resourceful facebook group, thank you.
Here's the link to the news (I'll paste only this link as it has the news, videos and photos and another 2 links with a bit more details):
1) (got pictures and video)
3) (got video)

Edit: Here's an update on Justine Official website as well, click on the news to read more about this event by Justine For Kids: (please click on news to read, as direct linking is impossible)

For more information, please visit Justine For Kids website:
And there's a newly created FB page for Justine For Kids:

Race details can be found here:

Using Danielle's translate of the sudpresse news:

Justine Henin organizes the first marathon of her association on June 24th

Today at 8:00, April 21st, 2012 
The former champion of tennis Justine Henin organise on June 24th the first marathon of her charitable organization “Justine for kids” with Han-sur-Lesse. “As sporting, I always wanted to organize a sports event for my association”, she announced Wednesday morning during a press conference in her club of tennis of Limelette. 

The marathon will consist in of a loop of 10.5 km traversing four times with a team of four people to the maximum. Justine Henin will take part of course herself with the marathon. “But I must involve myself still much”, she acknowledged in a smile. 
The field of the caves of Han and the town of Rochefort are associated with the event. “We are touched that Justine chose Rochefort for her marathon, she constitutes an example for the children”, declared François Bellot, burgomaster of Rochefort. 
The marathon will be organized with other activities for all the family. Justine Henin insists much on the concept of solidarity which guides this event. “The sport has an incredible ability to gather”, the quadruple winner of Roland Garros estimates. 
The asbl “Justine for Kids”, founded in 2008, work for the children reached of cancer, in particular by financing pediatric centers. One of the next great projects of association is the construction of a vacation center for the ill children and their families in the area of Rochefort, indicated the ex-player of tennis. 
Information and inscriptions on:

Photos, I'll upload it onto here as well, enjoy! (the captions below are all my own words for fun, do not take them too seriously!)
These 2 photos are so small ^
Ju: "I can perform juggling for the kids one day?" 
'I can also perform whistling a song for the kids one day?"
"However, nothing is confirmed for my performance in future activites"
The blur blur look of Ju @.@  
The continued version of Ju blur look with her mouth closed
"Listen attentively guys, I'm about to give my speech..."
"First of all..."
"We have to applause for these brave kids who fought with their illness, let's bring them the positiveness"
"So, we shall smile for them!"
"Hmmm? Am I right?"
Ju (excited):"Why not all of us join in the marathon? Maybe I can create another race of 42KM, you all will support me right? Sports for life and for the kids!"
Guy (smiles slowly faded):" 42KM..."

Ju:"You know I've been thinking..."

Ju:"Is 42KM too easy for you? Or we try to make it a 84KM?"

Ju:"so how's that?"
Guys *sweat*

Guy (I have to stay calm and look professional *wear specs*) : "Well Justine, I think 10.5KM is good enough for us to keep to the schedule)

Ju:"OH! I totally forgot that we have to take time into consideration..."
JU:"My bad! Sorry ah...ok, we'll stick to the original plan"
The guys:" Oh yes yes, that's right! Haha!"
Ju: "Hehehehehe"

------~End of my crap caption story~------ 

Here's one relaxing Justine for you <3 
And the most natural smile with a touch of gentleness from Justine! I've put this as my wallpaper

Good work to Justine For Kids organisation!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Justine Henin Academy Website

Finally! Justine Henin's academy also named as "Justine Henin Academy" has its new website (almost completed-some of the pages are not yet done but the site is informative enough at this moment) with a nice professional and user friendly look!
Their facebook page also given much news flash on its players and the events of the club but for more information about their programmes and facilities, I guess you will have to visit the site to know more about them ;-)

So, may I introduce you the website of Justine Henin Academy:
Will update the page of this blog with a neater info of her academy

And I'm sorry I haven't been active updating this blog lately...haven't got much time since work started but I ain't forgetting our lovely Justine and her artistic beautiful tennis will forever live in my memory, hope with her academy, her wonderful unique strategic style of play won't be extinct...(I actually hope that one day she will have her own babies, all grown up to play incredible good tennis, I don't mind spending another 20-30 years waiting for them if it ever comes true!)

Anyway, the most I wished for is Justine to be healthy and happy ;-D

Friday, April 6, 2012

Justine Henin Academy extends collaboration with Adidas for 3 years

Allez!!! First of all, thank you Adidas for collaboration with Ju's academy! Always finds that Justine brings out the professionalism even more so when she's wearing the sports attire on court (I'm not biased to say this) and so I'm glad Justine Henin Academy is in collaboration with Adidas, one of the sports clothing industry giants :) Hope this collaboration can continue after 3 years.

Ok enough with all the words. I found this news yesterday on facebook, Justine Henin Academy page itself:

And here comes the lovely Juju pics taken from the FB page itself, hehehe:
Lovely group picture with all of them wearing "Justine is all in" Allez! But pls Justine, pls, EAT MORE!! 
Wonder what's Justine holding... 
I swear if Adidas got sell this "Justine is all in" shirt (which I highly doubted so), I will definitely buy it! Best if got Ju's signature, hehehe more, you're so skinny now (*cries*), ok lah, you're still normal size but when compared to the previous you when you're still playing, can see the great difference. This one her sleeves still look like you can still stuff more things into it while last time only her arm and no more room.
Lucky red shirt  
Do...Fa, there's no Re and Mi, Justine is looking so short here or the guy's too tall?
Yeah! Big Big Photo!!! My favourite! And love that they have chosen the white outfit Ju wore at Wimbledon (though it's a sad place) but I love seeing her wearing that white Adidas outfit! Signature on the cap, super!