Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quick News update (Justine on her mama)

Firstly, thank you Danielle for the news update and secondly, once again I'm sorry for being such a slow poke in updating Juju news.

So this time round her news are in video forms and unfortunately, I haven't been studying french and been procrastinating to study it (bad bad ST!). In any case, if you can understand french, you will feel more on the emotional side when she talked about her late mother who died of cancer when Justine was like 12 yrs of age.

If you don't understand french, just watch the video and admire her cute face and sexy voice, while signing up for learning french language courses in the near future to understand what she says.

I'll embed the videos here:

The above source is from this site:

And another one here (there are two parts where Justine will appear in. The 1st part starts from 01:51 to 04:55 and the second part from 11:07 to 12:02)

The above source is from this site:

I still regret not pushing myself to go and learn french so as to at least understand what she is trying to say, but from the titles, the first video is titled "Justine Henin recalls the death of her mother for Télévie" and the second one is titled "Justine Henin talks about her mother died of cancer", one can tell that it's a rather emotional video.
I cannot imagine how Justine pushed herself through her teenage years after losing her mum. I've heard some fans of her who said that Justine grew up into an adult "overnight", skipping her adolescence years. She has a very matured thinking at a very young age, like I said b4, I think if she and me were both 13 years old , she might already be reading world news, writing journals while I'm still playing with my teddy bears (even up till now ^_^; )

Hope Justine lives a happy successful and fulfilling life! 

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