Sunday, April 15, 2012

Justine Henin Academy Website

Finally! Justine Henin's academy also named as "Justine Henin Academy" has its new website (almost completed-some of the pages are not yet done but the site is informative enough at this moment) with a nice professional and user friendly look!
Their facebook page also given much news flash on its players and the events of the club but for more information about their programmes and facilities, I guess you will have to visit the site to know more about them ;-)

So, may I introduce you the website of Justine Henin Academy:
Will update the page of this blog with a neater info of her academy

And I'm sorry I haven't been active updating this blog lately...haven't got much time since work started but I ain't forgetting our lovely Justine and her artistic beautiful tennis will forever live in my memory, hope with her academy, her wonderful unique strategic style of play won't be extinct...(I actually hope that one day she will have her own babies, all grown up to play incredible good tennis, I don't mind spending another 20-30 years waiting for them if it ever comes true!)

Anyway, the most I wished for is Justine to be healthy and happy ;-D

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