Friday, April 6, 2012

Justine Henin Academy extends collaboration with Adidas for 3 years

Allez!!! First of all, thank you Adidas for collaboration with Ju's academy! Always finds that Justine brings out the professionalism even more so when she's wearing the sports attire on court (I'm not biased to say this) and so I'm glad Justine Henin Academy is in collaboration with Adidas, one of the sports clothing industry giants :) Hope this collaboration can continue after 3 years.

Ok enough with all the words. I found this news yesterday on facebook, Justine Henin Academy page itself:

And here comes the lovely Juju pics taken from the FB page itself, hehehe:
Lovely group picture with all of them wearing "Justine is all in" Allez! But pls Justine, pls, EAT MORE!! 
Wonder what's Justine holding... 
I swear if Adidas got sell this "Justine is all in" shirt (which I highly doubted so), I will definitely buy it! Best if got Ju's signature, hehehe more, you're so skinny now (*cries*), ok lah, you're still normal size but when compared to the previous you when you're still playing, can see the great difference. This one her sleeves still look like you can still stuff more things into it while last time only her arm and no more room.
Lucky red shirt  
Do...Fa, there's no Re and Mi, Justine is looking so short here or the guy's too tall?
Yeah! Big Big Photo!!! My favourite! And love that they have chosen the white outfit Ju wore at Wimbledon (though it's a sad place) but I love seeing her wearing that white Adidas outfit! Signature on the cap, super!

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