Saturday, March 31, 2012

London Subway to have "Justine Henin"

Thank you Danielle for the news information and also thank you to the Chinese fan of Ju on the tieba baidu for the subway pictures:

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News info links posted by Danielle from Belgium:

Translation by Danielle on the article: 

At the time of the 2012 Olympics, the town of London decided to rename its 361 subway stations of the name of large sportsmen and winners of the OG. An underground line will be called after a discipline and a station, the name of an athlete. Thus, the public will be able to go down to the station Lionel Messi, Rafael Nadal or Michael Jordan.
Among these sportsmen of fame, Justine Henin, the Belgian champion of tennis, which has with her broad prize list a gold medal of the OG of Athens, will have her station. The stop “Justine Henin” will be in the south of London, between the stop Michael Stich and the stop Serena Williams on the line “Tennis” driving in Wimbledon. Alex Trickett, editor-in-chief of the site of the sports of the BBC and David Brooks, historian of the sport worked out “Undeground Olympic Legends Map” which includes tens of nations and all the disciplines of the 2012 Olympics.

Can you imagine that? A station named "Justine Henin"!! Although temporary only during the Olympics period, but it already makes my heart itching to go there during that period just to hear "Next station, Justine Henin"!!! Wow! It is such an honour for Justine's name to be featured on their subway station but rightfully so when she won the gold medal in 2004 and in Athens (the birthplace of both the ancient and modern Olympic Games.)  Allez Justine!! You deserved it! I love one of the articles that has the Justine photo above. Nice smile and nice natural hairstyle! <3 Juju

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