Thursday, March 22, 2012

Unicef/Televie Justine's OS updates

Finally there's news updated on Justine's Official Website, go to and click on "News" to see the full update on the news and the details. In an overview, it is about the Unicef and Justine's support in it. A very good cause and the event participation.

Here's a screenshot of her news updates:
you may click on the pic to go to her site too!

And also you can see the gallery, by going to Gallery->Justine->2012->Unicef

I will post the pics with Ju inside and for more informative photos, please visit the gallery:
Justine looking pretty tall here, her scarf (can I call it a scarf?) is getting more photos as well. 
Justine, can I have a taste of what you are drinking? Looks like mango drink
Wow, so many large balloons! Is Justine holding one too? Let us all be big kids and stay happy!
The donation money for the campaign, god bless the donors!
Justine is smiling happily for charity, somehow in this pic, I find her legs to be very long and thin
Can you see Justine from afar?
Ju and her handsome smile, listening attentively...
Now it's her turn to give speeches again, I wonder what she said for the presentation
I think this pic shows the building progress of the schools for the children??? 

Nice to see Justine getting involved in Unicef projects for the children. Heard that she had requested her sister to help to take charge of her JustineForKids foundation and I can see that the Justine for kids website is undergoing changes as well.
Ok, time to sleep like a log again, oh I'm a lazy pig who had gained 1.5KG in less than 1 month of work...I can foresee myself getting rounder and rounder and being held by Justine as a big balloon =X


  1. I want to hear Justine speeches too^^
    she seems like a very eloquent speaker based on her interviews...I miss Ju too ST, thanks for updates.

    cheers & kisses ^-^

  2. Justine Henin,she is not only the Great tennis player
    But she also be an inspiration Angel for children of the world

  3. Thank you sly and Chutima for the comments!
    Hi Sly, I am so happy that her OS finally updated something other than the guestbook lol! I super miss Ju as always, not sure how long it will be but I hope it will be forever! She is a very eloquent speaker indeed and I think the loss of her mum, playing tennis, facing the crowd, getting interviews had also shaped her into a brave independent, matured gal at young age.

    Hi Chutima, Justine is just like an Angel with the heart of gold, if only more ppl would get to see this Justine rather than the past "aloof and cool" Justine although that was not her nature as well. I actually admired her coolness on court and loved that when she's on court, she played to win without any mercy. Off-court of course, she is super lovely I believe! Loves the way she dedicated herself to help the kids!