Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Sorry, wanted to update something on Ju today but pretty tired...I guess not much work at work makes you becoming lazily tired...too much work at work also makes your brain drained tired. For me, currently is the former =X but I believe it will be the latter later in the future..

Anyway, everyday I've been "stalking" the new website of the Justine Henin Academy, checking whether it's being done and fully functional...still under construction though. I like its simple design, the colour scheme is the same as "Chez Justine" website, using bright pink as the base for it's logo. At least they complement each other well. Justine for Kids website also not fully completed yet...

But the bitchy me still wanna kick up a little fuss here and complain: "Juju, can you please post something on facebook or twitter? Even if it's a simple "Hello" I'll be contented.

Just joking, I know Justine is very busy managing her club, I'm just so bored and tired...see you in dreams, Justine, and hope you teach me tennis in dreams :-P

Update again during weekend when I'm free, sorry precious blog blog, I didn't mean to neglect you. Good night, everyone!

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