Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quick updates of Ju

Sorry for not updating for long...I really can't update during work :P Here's some updates of Justine, thanks to the info on the facebook group. Anyway, it's nice to see some news about Justine, and I must complain that this little woman doesn't really get on Internet and tweet about her status even once in a while. The last tweet was like b4 Christmas!!! Our low profile princess, my goodness!

The links are here: http://www.dhnet.be/regions/namur-luxembourg/article/387867/juju-pour-les-enfants-malades.html and also here: http://archives.sudpresse.be/jemeppe-sur-sambre-festival-du-cinema-belge-de-moustier_t-20120307-H3PZNA.html?firstHit=320&by=20&when=-1&sort=datedesc&all=4339570&pos=322&nav=1 (pics uploaded here below the article)

Google translation of the article (couldn't post Danielle's translation here because facebook is down at the moment for me):

Juju for sick children

Clap the first last night for the film festival Belgian Moustier sur Sambre
JEMEPPE-SUR-SAMBRE The inauguration of the event last night coincided with the charity event whose godmother was none other than Justine Henin.Which was warmly received by festival president, Claude Leclercq.
If the former tennis champion was present, with his companion, Benedict Namur Bertuzzo, so it was to support the institution Gulls, a child psychiatric hospital based in Spy. Thank you for thinking of me , "she said gently. The opportunity for a little chat with ease.
Justine, why are you here?
"After that first life in tennis, I go out of my bubble. I discovered cinema, especially since my partner is in the middle. And the cause of sick children affects me greatly. I founded an association, Justine for kids. And when I can support a project that falls within our affinities, I do it with a lot of heart and simplicity.Tonight, I present an informal, but I will return to visit the center, to realize the impact it represents. "
What do you think of the festival program?
"I must admit I'm not super familiar! I know this is a very nice festival. I like more and more movies. But I'm pretty good audience. I like films that are in Belgium, often fraught with meaning. I loved Eldorado, Lanners. I also appreciate Benedict Marriage. "
What is the essence of your life today?
"After living a full life first by this exceptional career, he must learn to live without, otherwise. This is a second birth. I open wide the eyes constantly on things before, I did not see. The bottom line today is my Limelette academy, where I am present every day, where I try to convey to young people that I could learn. This is ausssi learn financial management, people. It's finally all the charity aspect with my foundation and Unicef ​​ambassador I am ... I just like to meet people. In 2011, I also took a lot of vacation because I needed to blow my life as a woman can have its place. It's a rich life, but different, which provided me every day of surprises. And that's exciting! "

The beautiful photos of Justine q(^o^) p
Justine looking good, at least I think she looked refreshed. Her face is pretty red! Must be good blood circulation.. 
Is it still that cold in Belgium? It's cool here in Singapore but only in my office where the air con is blasting cool and my body is not cold-resistant, will I need to wear like Justine 
Justine, show your artistic hands... 
The sweet couple...why do Mr cute always wear black? Should try more colours! And I think Mr Cute slimmed down, look at his face, it's thinner but more handsome!! 
Oh that smile~ 
Any photos with only Justine shown and no others included and provided a good resolution, will always be my fav... <3 Ju's hair looked gel up, her fringes are not touching her forehead, I actually like seeing her like that.

By the way, I'm almost done with uploading the youtube vids of her matches, just two more matches of YEC 2007 and WB2006 vs Hantuchova which I found on the chinese site...but after that I will continue to re-upload those matches in full that I've splitted initially because I can't upload a video more than 15min at that time. Maybe after uploading those full matches, I will delete all the splitted videos, to release some space for google db.


  1. She has a lot of work with the Club and the Academy at the moment ;)
    The first pic is about the Zumba party we had in the Club 2 weeks ago, which was a big succes!
    I think you have no other choice then once come to Belgium and visit Club JH ;)

  2. Hi Ilse, I see Justine's been busy working to make her club better, and I'll understand that, just missing her too much!

    I'm glad to hear that the Zumba party is a big success held in her club! I'm sure everyone loves the atmosphere there, what a nice comfortable looking club! Yes, I guess I can only go Belgium to visit her club to really experience it!!!