Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Super miss Justine

~Juju~I miss you....there's nothing much for me to surf on the net after you left. I wondered how I "survived" before even liking Juju. Now, the "Juju's spell" had already casted on me and it will be hard to remove it (I don't intend to remove neither)

And I finally found this big pic without watermarks!
Such beautiful big eyes and sharp nose! I really love her facial features...Gonna use this as my drawing photo
Forever a legend with grace and style, for once I couldn't see which side she is facing until I see which hand she is using to hold the racket.
I always liked  this kind of Silhouette pics of Justine
I've forgotten where I took this pic from (forgive me for that) but I love this pic with Justine sitting on a Queen-like armchair and look at Juju's pose-very Queen style! So fitting to sit on the chair! 
I wonder how she's doing right now...really miss her alot. And I've been getting a little bit frustrated with my project-there's not much progress at all, the progress is like 0.00001% with so many errors and most of my time spending to solve these errors. And the final report is in march-I can go bang my head against a wall...now only to "seek refuge" for comfort in games

I think from now on, this blog will be full of randomness with random pics of Justine and my rubbish talk (maybe it is already like this from the start but well, now more severe) ...I have created myself another facebook account just to upload pics of her but this account will be private (though I haven't been logging in to it for ages, maybe time to upload every pics of her but currently been busy with school work)

Justine, hope you keep us updated on your elbow and your condition if possible. My heart is itching again from the lack of Justine's online presence, only Ju can help me scratch it. 


  1. Hey- hope everything is well with you all. :) I really loved the photo that Danielle uploaded of E&L with Justine in her club last week. And I'm very happy to read that Justine was "Mum" mode and doing a bit of doting practice with tots too.

    P.S Good luck in school Cab. And keep your blog alive, and posting. I feel like we're all good chatty friends, and I want to know if you do well in your classes.

    Where's Christy?


  2. Greenout! hahaha.. Hi. :-)
    Yeah, I loved the photo too... I just want Ju to be happy happy happy! Selfishly, though, I also want her to keep in touch with us and update us on her life and projects. Hopefully, she will keep her website and FB page going. I have made several friends because of Justine as well, and I want to continue the relationships.
    Lastly, I have a dream.. a dream.. hahaha. Someday, I want to travel to Belgium to see Justine's club. Hopefully, she would even be there so I could meet her and tell her how my admiration for her never ends. My husband is not even objecting to the idea, so who knows? (will keep the dream alive)
    (and hope Shu's studies are going well? Yes, please keep the blog alive, as Greenout said)

  3. Hey Chia sorry I haven't been around lately, I'll post a big comment on your two new posts after school cos I'm not able to type something big right now. I've been busy practicing guitar again ;)
    Allez Juju, always in my heart <3

  4. Hi Greeny, yes I loved that photo too but Ju always looks so tired off-court =X I wonder when Ju can be fully activated in "Mum" mode...still dreaming of seeing her own cute little Juju.

    And thanks for the well wishes, Greeny, I will keep this blog for Juju, but lately my lazy brain is too sleepy and tired to blog, but I'll blog soon maybe during the weekend.

    And Christie, that's my selfish thoughts as well, I just want more of Juju news...feel so lost now without her and I can only play some tennis games with my self-made-Juju-character. And when her website was down for a while that time, I was momentarily devastated..I want her OS to be running forever, yes together with her FB page.
    I also have this dream to travel to Belgium and visit her beautiful grand club too. But I think that will be many many years later...let's hope her club will prosper and will forever be there.
    And I'm a lazy student, I have the time to study but I spend the time playing and watching Ju's tennis.

    Hi Sarah, it's ok, haha, it's not a must to comment. I'm grateful already if you appreciate this blog, can't ask for more. Practice hard! I'm still waiting for your song! And yes, miss her Allez! Let's Allez! Ju! <3

  5. Hey, hey... look what i have! One of those tennis gossip bloggers, who's a Canadian that understands French translated the Justine videos from the RTBF show. Some interesting stuff here. :)

    We needed this regardless if the tennis blogger isn't particulary a Ju-fan. This doesn't matter, only the meat does here, and that's Justine's words translated into English. :)


  6. haha I know that I don't have to comment everyone, I just want to :)
    I really like the throne photo, queen Juju definetly :)I really hope that we get to see more of her, we all know that it's in a non selfish way, its just that we love her so much <3 Thanks for the link greenout, finally something english lol :)
    Keep blogging Chia, I love getting my little dose of Ju off here hehe, allez!

  7. Thank you Greenout for the link! Now I can finally know more about what she says :)

    And haha Sarah, thank you for the comment! I love simply all of her pics but not those of her sad face pics for sure ;)

  8. Wow I read the interview you send us the link for greenout :) I can say that I love her even more now. It was so interesting reading everything she said and her own experiences. I've never seen her open up like that before. Me too Chia, Ju needs to smile more often haha :)

  9. haha, sarah, yes love her more and more and yes she needs to smile more often even if it would result in more wrinkles, but those smile wrinkles are beautiful and natural. =)