Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year to all!

I'll be away to celebrate Chinese New Year this week and even if ppl who are non chinese can enjoy having the holiday off!

And when we celebrate CNY, oranges are a must:
Don't be shy, just grab two from the bowl!

Not enough? Here's some more oranges and a bigger bowl with a special gift of Juju statue

I want the oranges in the big "bowl" with Juju in it!

Sorry if I reused the pics for New Year, anyway, Juju, cheer up! =) We miss you <3


  1. Hi St (Cabomba),

    I've been pretty busy, but I want to share our deepest Condolences to Justine and Her family for the passing of her dear loved Grandfather.

    One of the Belgian newspapers (La Meuse) wrote that the funeral is today (Friday Feb 4) in Belgium, and she (unconfirmed) will attend that (sigh) Fed Cup ceremony on Sunday to accept that 2001 replica trophy.

    As great loyal supporters I want everyone to be as strong and brave as Justine right now. I don't care if she doesn't accept that silly replica Fed Cup trophy on Sunday, and if the promoter and Belgium public refuse to accept Justine's personal situation then there really aren't enough words to express my absolute disdain for these other people. To turn their back on a fellow national icon and to treat her soo poorly is bizarre and truly insanity.

    Stay Strong everyone!

  2. Yes Greenout, Condolences to the Henin Family too. Poor Juju, this is so tough for her..I don't understand why they need to make a replica trophy for something which happened 10 years ago..why do it right now? So to have a 10 year anniversary? There will be bound to have stupid haters bad mouthing about Justine at this miserable moment. Omg, I tend to further believe that there's no god. How could he be so harsh on Justine? UNFAIR!

    But Juju, pls be strong!

  3. i raised the question long ago about the intention of whatever the belgium media trying to do, they really are quite bad ones.

    by the way ST, where did you find those pictures of ju in the bowl? she looked so cute!!! it has to be before 2006 as she still has hardenne. do you know when they were taken?

  4. Sorry, now then I saw your comment, Jo.
    Well, there's always good and bad sides in everything including the media. But I'm also saddened by the fact that some of the ppl in Belgium do "hate" Justine out of jealousy and being insensitive. But don't care about those ppl. They are just immature sour grapes kids.

    Sorry Jo, I had no idea when the photos were taken. I found the pics from the chinese baidu forum I think. I had a poor memory in remembering the sources of most of the pics I found as I simply right click and saved them. Sorry for the "discredit".