Friday, May 25, 2012

Justine For Kids Marathon pre-event pics and vid

Tap tap tap, pomp pomp, pomp pomp...can you hear them? The sound of your strong healthy feet tapping on the ground, the sound of your heart pumping your blood through your whole body, a strong blood circulation...if you can't hear them, it's alright, you still have the chance to, for a good cause and for a healthier you! (Ok, enough of all my lame lousy advertisement lines and let's get real!)

Let me re-show this poster of the event here first:

Thanks to Justine For Kids facebook page for the pictures and videos uploaded, (please forgive me for ungraciously downloading them and uploading onto my blog here). For more information, please visit

The video which I have just uploaded minutes ago...(sorry for any copyright infringement):

Finally some Justine in motion!

And here comes the photos (only upload those with Ju in it and also some Mr Cute photos):

Justine is forever cool! 
What is that guy doing to Ju? Putting microphones on her shirt?

Some cute professional moments of Mr Cute:
Spot Justine...(Hint..look for the other red colour) 

Justine and Deuce!!!! Ju sure loves to wear Jeans eh?
Mini Justine and mini Deuce! Suddenly she's like Gulliver in Brobdingnag

Oh I can still see you Justine!!! 
Mr Cute is making every moments count ;) 
Well, I said I will upload all those photos that has Justine in it, no matter how small she is in the photos ;-)
Same for this photo, love the landscape, so if I live in Belgium, I get to run along such beautiful scenery! Mother nature at its best!
Deuce, will you join in the marathon too? :-P  Justine taking Deuce for a walk, it's nice to see that Deuce is being featured in the video too! It's been a long time since I last saw Justine in video and an even ttttttiiiiiimmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee since I last saw Deuce even in photos!
Haha the very expressive Mr Cute, just like Justine! Another real life emoticon example? 
Justine always being so suave looking, but I miss Justine in dress...or in tennis skirt...ah those were the days where I still can watch her arts :(

There's nothing much to complain, I am contented to see Justine in videos and photos already, or maybe there's one small little complain though ----> My dear Juju Henin, you definitely need to pump yourself with more food! You are so skinny now, my heart bleeds...I know I am in no rights to complain about her appearance, she's looking fine but after losing all those muscles, she's rather thin. Still the same words->don't mind donating my 10KG of fats to her.

Ok, goodnight world, I need to meet Juju in my lala land now, work in the morning tomorrow, no time to invitation sent to Juju for the meeting in lala land! 

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