Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Justine's Winners' Circle pics-Nelson and Massimo at Roland Garros

Hi, sorry for not updating this blog frequently, however, I did not forget my own promise to upload "Justine's Winners' Circle" (currently known as Justine For Kids) albums photos here. The third set of photos are titled "Nelson and Massimo" and it only contained 4 photos and there's one more album with the same number of 4 photos only which I'll upload it next time:

I had no idea where she was or what exactly was this event for and sadly her old Winners' Circle website had closed and I won't be able to know the truth.
It's all in the past but the efforts done were not in vain 
There were so many photographs behind! Nice to see all smiles here :) 
Justine being interviewed by another guy now..and she seem very happy to be interview =P

If you want to take a look at the Justine Winners' Circle pics which I had previously uploaded with a total of 2 albums excluding today post, I have created a new label called "Justine Winners' Circle" and you can see them all, Allez!

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