Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quick Updates: Justine as commentator in French Open?

Hello, sorry for the usual slowness..busy with activities and projects, so I still thank you for the facebook group to keep us updated on Justine's news: &

According to the news, Justine is returning to Roland Garros!!! But as a "consultant" (is it the same as commentator?)
Here's "some" of the news links (should be enough to read):

Ok in summary, it is to say that Justine will be a commentator for the France Télévisions, to comment from the quarter finals of the women from  5 June to 10 June and also as a commentator for the RTBF on the men finals with Laurent Bruwier :)
Allez Justine! Though I still prefer to watch you in action on court, I do not mind listening to your sexy voice even if I don't understand french enough.

Hmmm, will Justine comment like what she did in this video? :-D

I know Justine will be more professional, this clip was just one of her 12 challenges last time, her voice is yummy~ :-P I wish to know what she commented that made the ppl laugh though...

Here's another news on Justine at the opening ceremony of the special olympics, if you have seen her latest tweets on twitter and facebook, she mentioned about great moments she had when attended the ceremony.
In the video in that link, Justine was shown to light up the ceremony with the torch, finally back to seeing her onscreen!

And here's a pic for the marathon for kids event:

Yes, I'm cramming all the news into one post, I'm just lazy to create another post on other news, can't wait to hear Juju enchanting melody! 

Good that they choose Justine to comment on the French Open since she's a 4 time champion there and surely knows the game! Allez Justine Allez!

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