Sunday, May 13, 2012

Justine Winners' Circle pics-Proximus Diamond Games - Antwerp (Belgium)

Today the set for the JWC pics is titled Proximus Diamond Games - Antwerp (Belgium) and it contained only four photos, so it's a rather short post ;-)

Sorry if my blog becoming more and more boring, I'm not a very creative blogger to make it entertaining but just a mere follower/fan of Justine which keeps me going on blogging here. Her magnet is still strong enough which my heart is still attracted to her haha! Ok, enough of the BS and here comes the pics!

Nv knew that Justine can be that tall =X but she is really taller than me by 3.5cm...if she said her height is 166.5cm (provided I didn't remember wrongly, can't trust my brain too much) 
It's always so cute to see her with so many kids..when will she get her own? But this kind of things can only be hoped for. (I dream of mini Juju..) 
Super cute lah, her smile! Ju is the best real life emoticon! 
I still wish I could turn back time to watch her play tennis again :-( 

Justine, how are you feeling now?

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