Television"At the tournament in Monte Carlo, I met the TV journalist who Chamoulaud Lionel asked me to comment on a few matches on France 2. This is the string on which, lassie, I looked at Roland Garros, and it is associated with many fond memories in my career. For this first contact, I found the atmosphere very nice, I was struck by the amazing simplicity and relaxed despite the difficulty of the job, we do not take the head.It's strange to be on the other hand, in the world of journalists, but I felt immediately at ease. "
TennisI was offered to participate in the tournament of legends, I would have liked, but play tennis, even in my club, something is wrong, I'm too sore elbow. I have not touched the racket more than two or three times in Limelette, young people will soon overtake me, I do not like, it will not encourage me. Now, I step back to ask another look at women's tennis. I confess I have not followed too much since I left, but this sport is rooted in me, I am also refocused on my club in recent times (note: separation consumed with Carlos Rodriguez, this is probably an open secret).
ConsultancyIt will be a first, there is impatience and apprehension mixed because I'm still demanding with myself, I have at heart to do well, but I love to talk, speak , and this will necessarily be more spontaneous and instinctive . I'll try to bring my experience, approaching the surface, managing emotions for girls at times. Until there is something on time, I do not have a conversion plan in mind, but I hope it pleases me that I withdraw something. I know they also spoke of a musical in Belgium, but the media up quickly things out of proportion. This project was a Belgian choreographer friend, who had wanted to tell my life, but there was never any question that I happen or that I play, there is nothing concrete yet. "
Masculine / feminine"You know, I will also make the men's singles final for the RTBF. By passion, I prefer men (smile),there is great wealth, and a wide variety of characters. The Federer-Djokovic last year would be fabulous to comment. Of course, in knowledge and experience, I know a lot more girls. I want an opposition of styles between a player of my time, Sharapova or Serena, a young and going up, as Kvitova. My favorites are the same as everyone, Nadal, Djokovic, Federer, Serena, Sharapova and Azarenka ... "
BelgiumWe will have to be patient. There is talent, young people who have a good "hand", but the rub on the physical level, it does not "beasts" of the kind that have invaded the circuit, there are ways to go further in this field. It is also the mentality, the desire to want to do better, now and forever. "
All the handsomes...including Juju? hehehe 

Alright now comes the latest news of Justine being the guest of honor for the "doudou" (some of the tradition festival of the city of Mons which I'm not very sure of what exactly it is but sounds interesting)

The following photos I got it from the facebook group, thank you for the resources:
This is a funny photo of Justine which looks like she sprained her neck...sorry, no offense! but at least Justine's neck is pretty flexible!
So cute lah! Still hold a tennis ball, but where's the racket..I miss it! 
Justine looking attentively at the festival play 
I love this expression and this angle of Justine, very lovely! 
How I wish I am the one to help Justine pin up that scarf (I dunno how to call it) 
Lovely Ju at strike again! What are they looking at?
Ju attracting the crowd! I wanna be there...
Justine is a beautiful lady, I just so love to see her smile! What's with that guy's look behind Justine?
Hmmm? She changed clothes already? Where have I seen this jacket b4?  Btw, nice red ribbon bow tie that guy has.
The ever serious Justine, I think if I am nearby, I don't dare to go up to her when she's this serious look. no wonder the folks are standing at a distance behind.... :-P

A rtbf link to the news video of Justine at the event:

Here's another video of Justine at the event:
Nice to see the warm welcome of Justine by the ppl there

And another video more details:
This one features more Justine in talking

One more video by sudpresse:
This one got feature Justine up close! I wonder if her elbow is able to take the weight of that "dragon"
Here's a news link related to this event:

Below is a translation interview by Danielle of Justine in the "Dernière Heure" papers (about a week ago or a few days ago):
She does not play tennis any more!


Justine Henin returns for the first time to Roland Garros since her defeat in 1/8th finals of the edition 2010 against Samantha Stosur. "Fammenoise" gained the tournament on four occasions in her player's career, in 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007. At the bottom she still plays tennis?

" Not, I do not bang any more the ball ", she revealed. " I believe that I had to play two or three times in one year. I have the well damaged elbow and then, I lost so muscles and weight that necessarily I would be fast overtaken by the youth of the Academy and I do not like too much. (Smile) They had suggested me competing for the tournament of the Legends here to Roland Garros, but I have all the same a little of pride. I would have to re-train, because I do not want to show myself like that... "

" Relief? PATIENCE... "
Through her Academy, Justine wants to bet on the formation. " We have of the talent in Belgium "
- Justine, the Belgian tennis gets ready to turn most right-hand page of its history with the announcement of the end of Kim Clijsters's career after the US Open. How see each other the future, you who are involved through your Academy?
" It will be necessary to be patient. It is going to be complicated. There is of the potential. Later, everything is question of mentality. We also tried to open the way with Kim to this level. It is for it that I, I want to bet on the youngest and on the formation, because an athlete he puts years to build himself. To the Academy, we have in particular a 11-year-old girl, Lena Delfosse, to whom we try to teach certain things. They are lives completely to part. It is very hard to say to a child, here is the way to be followed, but in front of their dreams, it is somewhere necessary to answer to them. There are stages to be crossed and it has to be made with wisdom and patience. " 
- David Goffin and Alison Van Uytvanck are our two big hopes of relief at the moment. You see them going to where?
- " I do not know them very well, but David Goffin knew a rather impressive evolution these last months. I am always surprised seeing his results. It is manifestly the boy who works, who every day puts of the heart in the work. And it eventually pays. He has a real potential. We have of the talent in Belgium, all the players and the Belgian players have a good hand as we say, but it is not enough. The physical appearance is needed. It is little there that the packsaddle hurts. I am persuaded that we can go farther to this level. "
- And Alison?
- " Alison also, it is the future. She has just made very good results in Brussels. We count on these young people a lot, but it is necessary to give to them of time also to build itself friendly. "

And earlier on, on facebook Justine For Kids page, some photos were uploaded...just to share it here, I only posted the photos that have Justine in it. (For full album of the photos, please visit Justine For Kids facebook page, the link on the right side of this blog):

Visite Stassen-Kidibul

I wonder what's Justine supposed to do there?

It looks like an outdoor field with some plantation hidden...seriously, maybe I should go check out JFK website to know more about this event if they updated about it.

Here's a big big photo of Justine "frowning hard" cos of the glaring sun!
And the babelicious Justine's killer smile! Justine, maybe you should get a smaller vest? 

So this ends my post, a long post...but love the photos of lovely sweet Justine! I think she's starting her commentator soon 2 days later, but not sure if I get to see her onscreen depending on the time and the live streaming availability online. but I wish her good luck and happiness and in smooth sailing in everything she does! Allez Justine!