Sunday, October 23, 2011

Belgian Royal visits Justine's academy in Beijing

Saw on the 2 facebook groups that Justine had a surgery on her cheek. The news link is here:
Ilse, allow me to copy and paste your translation here again, sorry for that and thank you for the news update on Justine!
TRANSLATION: Justine Henin, underwent surgery on her cheek two weeks ago. "There was a problem with her bite," said Benoit Cuisinier, her manager. "Nothing serious, but she could possibly suffer more if she didn't do anything. She is okay, she can talk normal. About one month and a half, she will be completely recovered."

Henin had to cancel the mission to China with the Belgian Prince Philip. She has a tennis academy in Beijing running by her former coach Carlos Rodriguez.

And here's the articles on the Belgian princess visiting Justine's club in Beijing:

and here:

And the video link from here:

And here comes the pics posted in the group as well from Belga pics:
Belgian Princess Mathilde and Carlos's wife Elke
Good to see you again, Carlos! And that is Carlos's son right? How big he had grown! And the mini suit that he wore is just like Justine's ;-)
I love how they had put up that beautiful Justine with her beautiful backhand pic on the exterior of the academy 
Summer Camp 2011 looks over there a winter camp as well? And nice blue and red of Justine and Carlos combination!
So princess, do you like the school there? Carlos is praying that you would! 
My criminal feel is back...I wanna steal the big poster board behind...the Justine victory look!

Oh the pic that I also loved alot. That smile from Justine's face...$$$ (you know what this mean?->Priceless)

 I wish Justine a speedy recovery and poor little Justine..why must she always suffer from all these surgeries? Get well soon, Justine!!! And may your academies be of great successes and produce lots and lots of talented champions in the future with variety and skills! I'm sure of it.


  1. Aww poor Ju with her bite issues, hopefully she'll get better soon :) Carlos looks like he's having fun with the princess and showing her around the club, and his son is very cute, and yes he's wearing the Justine kind of suit :) Those big pictures of Ju are so cool, I wanna steal them too ;P

  2. Yes I prayed for her that she'll get better soon and of course, a speedy recovery!

    Carlos seems to be like the ambassador there to welcome the princess and his sons both are very cute and there's actually a pic of them both wearing suits! I will update the pics again maybe tmr or tonight.

    Yes our criminal minds are at work again..hehehe, I think the police won't blame us if we ever really steal them :P