Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Congratulations to Justine for being a mum!

Allez! The long awaited moment has come! Justine just updated her status on Facebook and announced that she has given birth! I'm so happy for her! Really!

And so now we know her baby is little Juju, named Lalie, as Justine called her, the little fairy! Omg, I'm still too excited to sleep now, really too happy for Justine already, since we all know how much she wanted to be a mum and loving the kids too! I'm sure, she will make a good mum, all the best to Justine and Benoit and her fairy! <3

Loves you Justine, always~ be a good mum ^o^

I forgot to say that "Lalie" is a very beautiful name, I truly think that so, and hopes this little girl will grow up healthily, happily and be a talented, intelligent and kindhearted lady :)

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