Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Randomness-bye bye to my hotmail acc

I'm saying bye bye to my hotmail account since it was suddenly inaccessible. Weird thing was, I was still using it yesterday morning, checked emails, accidentally closed the browser, restarted my browser, tried to get back to hotmail, and then it showed me this (it happened just in minutes time):
Yeah right, I clicked next and followed every steps to try to verify myself as the righteous owner of this account but it just wouldn't work! Searched online and found that I wasn't the only one who couldn't retrieve back my account:

Sad but have to say good bye to my this personal email account which had been slightly more than a decade old...created since secondary school. 

I had to re-link my facebook, twitter, blogger and some others to my other email accounts, thanks to the inflexibility and frustrating hotmail verification, also thanks to the stupid careless me who I think had my own com infected with viruses (Ever since I had my OS as ubuntu, I haven't installed any anti-viruses software for it, I should've known..damn it!) Lesson learnt!

Bye bye hotmail and hello Yahoo and Gmail! Sorry to this blog for my random ranting because I felt so frustrated that I've lost all my emails in it!

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