Friday, November 11, 2011

Charity event in Belgium held in Justine's club

So I'm here to spread the news as well, after all it's for the charity ^^ and as you read the following, you will see that I'm not a good news reporter in any form...

I've seen this news again from the 2 facebook groups: Ilse's  and Danielle's, thank you both of you for the efforts in updating us with Justine's news!

For COMPLETE info, click here:

On 27 Nov, there will be a charity event which they called "Télévie day" an organisation against cancer and it will be held in Club Justine Henin. And yup, Justine is gonna be there together with various famous stars which according to Ilse's translation, these ppl are Belgium and international stars.
So ppl who lives in Belgium or gonna be on a trip to Belgium, pls support this cause and you may even get a chance for many autographs and photos with them! And it's gonna be a very fulfilling and interesting event, I think there may be short exhibition matches (I'm not sure) but with the various stars participating in this event, it has to be good and entertaining.

And Danielle's posted these info comments (I used google to translate it):

If you want to join us for this festive day, I remind you that there is no obligation for the meal, but you are all welcome. For those who wish to join us for lunch, you should notify us as soon as possible to make a reservation with Allan. If you are booking by email, you will be sent a confirmation and the account number Télévie (363-4476056-31).

More info about the lunch: there is ameal at a price of € 30 for Télévie and here is the menu - Ocean Plate - Sliced ​​beefwith vegetables - Vacherin frozen fruit. Reservations are required
Reservation for the menu: Allan - 0474/682664 or 02/6495379 or 
Infos and contact: Sandra Leborgne: 0473/273176 ou

Let me try to copy and paste the picture here (it's in french but there's always google translation ^^)

27 novembre 2011

7ème challenge de doubles de tennis Allan Sport-Télévie

Club Justine Henin

Chers ami(e)s du Télévie,

Après 4 années passées au Wimbledon, le Challenge de doubles au profit du Télévie émigre à Limelette au club de Justine Henin.

Mais rien de changera... Ni la formule, ni la bonne humeur...

Nous espérons toujours compter sur vous pour cet événement tennistique...

"Télévie-vement vôtre"


- de 12 à 13h45: buffet proposé par le restaurant . CHEZ JUSTINE

Assiette Océane
Emincé de bœuf accompagné de légumes
Vacherin glacé aux fruits

Prix : 30 €

- de 14 à 18h: tournoi de doubles de tennis

- 19h: remise des prix

Tous les bénéfices seront intégralement versés au Télévie

Pour plus d'infos, cliquez sur l'image 

Belgians and ppl going to Belgium unite for a meaningful event and for the good cause, let's show your support for the organisation against cancer. It's a good way to interact with the other good samaritans, Allez! And god bless you all!


  1. That sounds like a fun day, and all for a good cause! I would go to see Justine and the other stars if only I wasn't living in a different continent :P I wanna see Ju play an exhibition match, it would be so good to see her out again on the court :) Allez!

  2. Yup, I think I'd go too if I live in Belgium plus I think it is free admission, u only need to pay for the meal if you are to eat at there :)

    I too would love to see her play an exhibition match provided her elbow is alright to do some light exercises, oh I'm so missing her! Allez all the way!