Sunday, December 4, 2011

7ème challenge allan sport Télévie

Sorry for the late updates again, but now I'm gonna post the pictures of the charity event held in Club Justine Henin. Firstly, I'll post the pictures taken and uploaded by Danielle and Patricia, thank you both for sharing the photos on the facebook page:

As much as I would like to post all of the pictures, I have to respect the privacy of maybe some ppl who do not want their full face to be known to the public. So I shall exclude those photos of them with Justine together.

*Thank you all of you who participated in the event, it was a huge success! According to Ilse's translation: The Télévie day in Club Justine Henin achieved € 7712.50 and that's the highest amount until now of the 2011-2012 Télévie season. Source:

I find this pic super Christmas feel...and no, Justine is not the Christmas tree though she is just as colourful and beautiful as one. Once again, I love her sharp nose and looking sharp too for the eyes.
Justine:" Oh little child, be good. I may not be a real Christmas tree or Santa, but I will give you your present later, so stay good k?"
Justine is a good listener
And a good chatter too! 
Right? *Scratch scratch*
This photo showed  the food they're eating, looks yummy
For sure the food is finger licking good!
It's blur but it does not make blur the fact that Justine is cute!
I have the proof that she is cute!!! This is the photo...see? Even the woman is drooling at her (just j/k)

Some Mr Cute and Ms Cutie's moments of sweetness:
Starting from the lowest  level of sweetness pic
Gradually warming up...attracting more ants~
Becoming closer~do they look cute?
To even cuter, almost-face-2-face if they had remained eye contact!
To the highest level of sweetness! The ultimate photo of the sweetest moments...
Mr Cute: "My name is Romeo! And you are...?"
Ms Cute:"Ermm...and my name is Justine"

Now we get to see some of the trophies and awards she had won and was showcased:
Wow factor no.1
Wow factor no.2
Wow factor no.3
Nice trophy but how come the woman statue looks like she sprained her waist?
Oh, the memorable bird nest that she had won herself a gold medal! Why didn't she place the gold medal instead of this bird nest?
Oh I remember this...I think it's the award when she had this unique hairstyle
1989! When I was just 2 years of age...

And now there's two clips of Justine on youtube!

And the following official pictures from the Allan site thing: (whole album)

I only posted some of it, for all the photos (Ilse, I'm not sure if you'd allow me to post your emotional photos here, so I didn't post them), pls refer to the link above:

The "Poster" of the Televie event 
What a crowd! 
The lovely couple ^^ 
It must have a nice ambiance there with live music band! 
Where's Mr Cute? Toilet? 
A picture to show that you can enjoy your meal while watching the ppl playing tennis on the clay court 
This is...Justine? The "aftermath" of losing 15KG due to jaw surgery. Justine, now you have those arms-like legs, and stick-like arms. 
But she's still our sweet Justine who loves children 
And still a charming one too! Looking good! All smiles Justine! 
How many indoor courts are there? 
Boy, can send me your shirt with Ju's autograph on it? 
Ju:"Little boy, I think I've saw that cap somewhere..."
Loves this pic! Justine is so lovely there! 
So this is the original Justine's size without all the extra muscles, petite and slim 
Spot Justine
A bigger picture for you to spot Justine, it's easy!  
Thank you photographer for her charming side view! 
Oh, that guy in the left front is so handsome! Eh, but I'm more interested in the handsomely beautiful Justine ;-P 
And this is a cute astonished Justine look 
This is part of the video clip where she gave an interview
<3 Justine's side view always! Allez Justine's side view! Haha! 
Little gal, are you interested in becoming a pro tennis player with single backhand? Hehehe (evil thoughts) 
The new logo of Justine's club-> the pink tennis ball designed by Justine herself 
Thank you all for attending the charity event held in Justine's club! 
I'm sure you all enjoyed the facilities and amenities there, there's even a tv on top :) 
And a wide indoor view of the tennis courts! 
Looks like a nice party with ppl of all ages gathering together for a great cause! 
Enjoy the food! Oh the greedy me wish I was there to taste some of the cookies and pies :-P
Fun art for the children 
So they even have indoor clay courts!
Love the shirts! Seems like the little boy on the left is a fan of Justine only ^^ 
Wow, what a nice backhand shot for this guy! There should be no limits to disability ppl! 
The awards~ 
Front view 
I want this tennis ball! Look! It's Justine in the heart! Yes, in my heart 
Only Justine's signature is the most identifiable one..just one look and you know which one is Justine's
I wanna join in the crowd!  
Oh, the bar! Looks comfortably nice place to chill
Why the black & white? 
Are they announcing the awards winner? Look at the smiley look on Justine 
And may I announce the grand prize winner... 
Btw, I wonder when did Justine they all change their clothes to this Green color outfit? Looks nice though and is Justine doing some arm stretching or what? Maybe she's trying to scratch her  itchy right brain =X
The award winners with Ju in it part 1
 The award winners with Ju in it part 2 (spot the difference between part 1 and 2)
Is it very cold in the club? Justine looked like a modern "mummy" wrapped up with so many clothings! 
I'm focused on Justine even though I did get distracted by the cute Donald Duck on that man's shirt

And here's a press article (You can see the killer wink of Mr Cute who probably charmed Justine with his wink in the first place)
And from the look of Justine, it may seem otherwise?

It was a huge success for this charity event and I hope there's one more next year held in her fabulous nicely designed club! It's still a pity I wasn't in Belgium nor have the ability right now to travel to Belgium, else I'd love to attend this event too! Justine with a heart bigger than her fist and as pure as gold. Forever ♥ J.H.


  1. Thanks for not posting my photo's, indeed...It was too special for me, too strong that moment, and I also don't want that everybody knows it :p
    I hope you continue your blog also in 2012, you have the fan club site to update, I told Danielle people of my group will go to hers, and she will do an extra effort for english translations ;)

  2. I still would like to congrat you for that special moment ;-)

    And yes, I will continue this blog even if I tend to get a little lazy or busy to update it. Thank you for updating your group in the past until the end, thanks for the immense efforts in doing so, I'm sure all International Ju's fans greatly appreciate your efforts in doing so. <3

    And I'm sure wanted to thank Danielle and her fellow members of her groups too for the updates! Just to spread the Ju Love around~ Allez!

  3. Merci :)

    Ah with pleasure you know :)
    Btw I assisted to install the prices on the table. Those boxes with the yellow balls and the Justine hearts on it were one of my favorites.

  4. Haha, it must be an honourable moment to set up the prizes on the table esp when cute Juju's hearts were on the yellow furry balls! They are my favourites too out of the prizes haha!

    Once again, thank you for the news update, now gonna update my blog again..esp that funky interview ;)

  5. Ah with pleasure, but like I said there is a time to start and a time to stop ;) But if you like we can stay in touch and I hope to see you once in the Ju Club! ;)

  6. yes, I absolutely understand your decision to do so and I respect that ;)

    For sure, we're still frens though physically spaced far apart from each other. When I have the resources to go, I will definitely be glad to visit Ju's club ^^ Hope to see you there too!

    Wishlist: Please let me be rich to travel around the world, especially to Belgium :P