Monday, December 19, 2011

Glam Ju + interesting interview

Sorry for being MIA for so long...Christmas is coming and busy shopping and buying presents, my pocket had been drilled a big hole for this festive season =( but so long as everyone's happy!

So what's Juju up to these days? Luckily right now, we still can get the news from her two facebook fan groups, the links on the right hand column.

I'll start off with the latest news, and yes, although it's about KC getting the sportswoman of the year, Justine is the presenter and of course I'm more interested in Justine than anyone presented there. Ju looked absolutely fabulous!!!

The video link is here:, you can see attractive Justine inside and yes drooling Ju-ing time!
This looks like an "informal" pre-wedding photo :-P 
They both have big eyes and same cute smiles ^o^   
Justine!!! What a sophisticated Elegant look! I love her coat! Such beautiful slim shining legs!
Mr Cute is beaming in delight and he looked like a sheriff somehow, still handsome lah :) 
Is it very cold out there? To wear so many clothings... 
The catwalk of Justine on the red carpet
I'm drooling for Justine! So Ju-licious!
I am only focused and interested in Justine no matter if she's holding the trophy or not. She's a real champion in my heart already...She looked so cute and petite and feminine! One word to describe her is "LOVELY"! 
Justine...I miss you more than ever...
Good find, suhu san! Justine looked so glamorous in this photo! Yummy! And Justine looked tall too hehe!

For articles of the news above, pls visit here: 

Next down is the news of Ju meeting tennis talent Damien Laporte (The meeting was initiated by his coach and organised by the honorary consul general of the Seychellen in Belgium, Philippe de Baets.)->copied from Ilse's words :
According to the news, Justine is now committed to follow the talent and encourage children and is now focusing on training and youth development through his tennis academy.
Skinny Ju...look at her arm, no much muscles le...I think it's the first time I see her wearing this kind of pants

And one of the most favourite interviews of Justine:

Courtesy of Ilse for the translation:

Everything Justine never told to the press !
An interview with Justine Henin in Brussels (15/12/2011)

Justine has not yet completed her first full season without tennis. But, as far as we know, a third career is not on her program. The former number one of the world answered , in a very relaxed way, some special questions....

The First Time that....
Q: .... you received a racquet? 

JH: "I was five years old." I loved my little Donnay grey, my racket was always with me, even when I was going to bed. Today, I am connected emotionally to this objects."

Q: ......that you drunk too much?

JH: "I was 12 years old". (laughs) "EH! Yes, I know, it is young. I accompanied my big brothers to celebrate new year. We were all gathered in the restaurant of our uncle. But I assure you, I never drunk anymore after my 14 years." 

Q: ...... that you kissed a boy?

JH: "Also when I was 12 years, only a little bit later then that new year's eve." (laughs) "The boy in question, my first love, was cooking for all the tournaments in the environment."

Q:....... that you have met a star?

JH: "In 2004, in Orlando. I was in the airport and I didn't dare to approach Steffi Graf. When I told her later this story, she was very surprised, because I was already number one of the world. But I was 15 years when I've met Pete Sampras' eyes. Being junior, I was walking in the Wimbledon tunnel when that happened, I will never forget that look."

Q: ..... you have smoked a joint? 

JH: "Never."

The Last Time that....

Q......that you have bet?

JH: "I dont know anymore....I bet only when I am 100% sure."

Q:....... that you lied?

JH: "We all lie sometimes. Lets say that I sometimes deform a bit the reality."

Q: ..........that you cried?

JH: "When I was looking to the movie Les Intouchables. I cry easily in the cinema. I also cried when I was looking to "les petits mouchoirs". Formerly, I didn't dare to cry before the eyes of others. I preferred to wait to be alone in my car before I melted into tears. But now I am changed "

Q:.........that you became angry?

JH: "Last time when I was returning home from work, I made myself angry on Deuce. She was walking too slow, between my feets, and I walked on her tail but not on purpose.
And, because I had a stressful day, I was going off the rails when she barked".

Q:........that you have done a stupidity?

JH: "I called nobody after my jaw operation, while I needed comfort.
Otherwise, when I was a little girl, I played doctor with a student of my class."

Q:........that you have received a fine?

JH: "This week! I was parking my car non-paid in the centre of Brussels. I drive rather cautiously, so that kind of fines I don't have often."

Q:.........that you have insulted someone?

JH: "I am polite but resolute. Sometimes, I get a bit mad on drivers just before me who are driving bad ."

Q:........ that you felt any shame?

JH: "After my operation on my jaw. I didn't like it when the people were watching me."

Q:.......that you felt fear?

JH: "When Deuce had crossed the road without leash. A car just passed not far away from her".

Q:.......that you went to the cinema?

JH: "I saw Les Intouchables and Tintin."

Q:.......that you went to a concert?

JH: "For my association Justine For Kids, I attended a concert of classical music."

Q:......that you cooked?

JH: "I cook more than before, but still not very often. It is primarily my companion who is the victim. I am not a very talented cook.
But okay if I have good preparations it succeeds, because I'm not clumsy, I just don't dare."

Interesting interview, isn't it? How I wish many of her interviews are so interesting and unique such that the answers from Justine will not be those standard official answers but more of personal views and thoughts from her. 

Oh and her first kiss is at the age of 12..hehehehe, Justine you are so mature at such a young age! Hahaha! And at poor Deuce: awww....
I wanna see a drunk Justine, see if she'll sing when she gets drunk...I'm an evil bad fan! omg!

Love Justine always! <3


  1. Hello, I'm so sorry for not stopping by lately, I've been so busy! Ju looks so nice, and so confident :) That is a cool interview, interesting questions that haven't been asked often. Haha drunk at 12 for the first time Ju and your first kiss after? She sure grew up quickly!

  2. Hi Sarah, it's alright :) Everyone's been busy and Christmas is coming too!
    Ju look so elegant with that furry coat and dress, yes confident looking as always even last time being on court, I think that's her look :P

    I dun think Justine ever had much teenage times and grew up straight into an adult. She matured at very young age ^^