Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!

A big Merry Christmas to everyone here! Enjoy this festive season with your loved ones and be blessed!

Here's one reminiscing picture of Justine's OS site (still remember this? it's last year pic):
Yes, time flies and the cute Juju still lives in our hearts forever! <3

Here's a new Rolex watch picture of Justine:
The elegance~ Mmmm so charming!


  1. Hello, hoping you had a very merry Christmas! That is one cute snow-woman Ju (if that's how you say it lol) with the cap too :) She is elegant indeed, very nice!

  2. Happy New year to you Sarah! I haven't been online for days and it's new year already :P

    Hope Ju's academies will be great success in 2012 and the subsequent years as well! Allez! And of course hope that we can have more Ju news!