Monday, September 12, 2011

Congrats to Sammy for the GS champion!

I'm sorry I haven't been updating this blog for many days, been pretty busy this whole week and also the stuffs at work (internship).

So I was surprised although very very happy that Sam Stosur won the US Open! I didn't watch the match but I watched some of the highlights of her on the US Open site and I must say, (please forgive me if I said anything wrong first) that she kinda reminds me of Justine. The way she does her backhand slices, the wonderful net play and forehand, they looked so similar to Justine in some ways plus both of them are so cool and gracious in winnning and also in defeat. I admire Sam for being the hard worker just like Justine who worked hard to achieve the deserving title!

As for Serena, sorry, I still do not like you and perhaps never will. I don't intend to bash you or what in this blog but what you've done and what you've said to the umpire, to me, is totally very classless or rather, childish. And it wasn't the first time already which in any case, I won't hold any respect for you no matter how many GS you've achieved because, you aren't the true champion with the graciousness and the elegance in my heart.
Anyway, I can't be bothered with Serena, I just wanna congratulate the new grand slam winner-> Samantha Stosur! Thank you for the wonderful play which I heard was a splendid performance on your side. Keep up the good work and hope you can continue playing such good tennis!

I'm sad that Roger lost but I'm ok with anyone in the top 4 from the men's side to win the title since I don't really am that into them but the advantage is that, I can watch their matches without heart attacks which I've got from Justine's multiple times and am happy for whoever won since what they displayed had been so high quality so far :)

Oh, Justine, I still miss your tennis and of course you as a person....I will blog about you again with my humourless, senseless and randomness thoughts, in the next few to bed! Bonne Nuit!


  1. I'm happy that Sam won the match too, not only is she Australian like me, but she beat Serena :D I can see what you mean about Sam being a bit like Justine, especially about their sportswomanship :)
    I don't think any Justine fan (or any smart tennis fan for that matter) really likes Serena, I certainly don't. I could say a lot of things about her but I have to say that I expect no different from her, what a spoil sport...
    Poor Roger, bad luck for him but he's still going well :) I still miss Justine too and her high adrenaline matches, I get goosebumps from watching her vs Capriati in the US Open <3

  2. Hi Sarah, yup, both of them are so cool and good sportsmanship. How dare SW's fans still dare to question Justine's sportsmanship when their idol is doing the exact opposite and downright atrocious? Well, there will still be some ppl who are stuck btw Justine and Serena, supporting both playersx..I don't normally dislike a player because of their fans but I must say, most of SW's fans are as arrogant as SW and I mean most not all, just to clarify ;)

    Yes, I get goosebumps and heart attacks for every matches Justine played...but goosebumps more since heart attacks can only happen when I watch her play "live" (but now she's retired :( )