Sunday, September 18, 2011

Specs-tacular Juju

Sorry for not blogging for so makes me misses Justine more than ever...ok, today's boring topic is again about Justine wearing specs-actually, not really specs but more of sunglasses. I normally don't really go for Belga pics because of the watermarks but there, I found many of the pics of Justine which I never seen b4. So below are all of the pics from there:
The cool cool Justine! Be INSPI(RED)..isn't this the shirt that she wore b4 in a pic where she was reading a book? I uploaded that pic b4...
The big big sunglasses makes her looks like the female ultraman! Oops!
Finally revealing her beautiful serious eyes!
Finally revealing her sexy smile!
Did I say serious eyes? Yes, she looked serious, doesn't she? Same expression as her childhood pic:
Yes this pic again..same same seriousness...
Found one pic without the watermark (of course not from belga pics) I love her sharp pointed nose!!! 
When I first look at this pic, I almost lost my heart beat! So suave looking!!! I missed this event or whatever function it is...didn't see this pic b4
Justine admiring her handsome cool look? Is that a mirror actually?
Her smile gets wider and wider..amused at what she saw?
And reminds me of the above gif..."COOL" is the word, as cool as the atmosphere when she went skiing

I love specs-tacular Juju as well as normal non specs Juju! Enjoy your holiday in France, Justine! If only your OS would upload some of the beautiful pics you've taken whenever you went on a holiday, but anyway, just smiles, laughs, dancing and jumping and singing high!! Allez Justine! 


  1. Nice pics, even if they have a watermark, I haven't seen many pics of Ju wearing sunglasses :) I wonder what brand her sunnies are in the first pictures, they're really nice :) Hehe I wonder what Justine thinks of the glasses she tried on, and the gif is indeed cool :D I hope she's having fun in France :)

  2. I do noticed that Justine has the "sunglasses mark" around her eyes contour area..I too wondering about the brand though I wouldn't even know the brands even if it's stated, not really into fashions and brands, haha!

    Just wondering too on what she's doing in France? Or just eat eat eat? Hmmmm....