Monday, September 5, 2011

Justine Henin in 名人面对面 show (video added)

I've downloaded Justine's interview in China for the 《名人面对面》show (The previous post is only the interview part in text which will have some deviations from the actual speech of Justine, so have to watch the whole video).

I've downloaded and joined all the parts and uploaded onto youtube here:

Here's another video which is Justine presenting the awards in China which I have failed to upload multiple times onto youtube and finally today it's a success!

Now then I know how her family has asked for help from the others to sort of a loan of money for Justine to train her tennis. It was a very good interview and a heart warming one. It always touches me whenever Justine talked about fulfilling the promise to her mum, no matter how many times I've heard her story, it will always be a touching and genuinely sweet and bitter one. Bitter because it's a regret that Justine lost her mum so young, sweet because of the bond between Justine and her mum, it's indescribable. 

For those interested, can watch and enjoy the videos! I will forever be missing Justine though...cheers to all and ALLEZ!


  1. Really good interview, to be honest I hadn't seen her talk for a while so it was nice to see again, she is so warm and pleasant about everything :)
    It's funny in the other video about the awards presentation cos there are a few times in which Justine doesn't have much of an idea about what she's meant to be doing at a certain point in time, they are all speaking Chinese after all xD and a lucky girl gave her a hug and made Ju smile, how sweet! :)

  2. Yes Sarah, it's nice to see her being so positive and sweet in this interview. And she did talk a little bit more about her childhood, training and thinking. The other video is indeed somewhat interesting to see that Justine is trying to figure out what the lady's talking about in chinese. It's nice to see how Justine trying to know if they left out the lucky little girl's award and while waiting, the girl hugged her ^^ Good job in making Justine smiles!

  3. Yes, her childhood has always been an interesting thing when Ju talks about it, the story between her and her mum is sad but inspirational. She worked very hard to get to where she is today, that's what I like about Justine, so strong :)
    Yeah in some parts I bet she's thinking "umm what do I do" lol xD I knoww, the hug moment was random but nice, it seemed the same way too for Justine, the quick "o look a hug" *hugs her back and smiles* how cute! :D

  4. Justine is an inspiration for us all. It's just unfair how the Henin family has to endure so many pains and struggles b4 and now I hope it's the direct opposite for them.

    Justine is a very clever gal, she's good at interpreting ppl's actions but sometimes when she fails to interpret them, it makes her looks cute for being blur blur. Hehehe, I'm such an evil fan!