Friday, January 28, 2011

Family support!

I still haven't gotten past of the sad news, Justine is in tremendous shock right now, I'm sure all her fans, if overseas wanna book a flight to Belgium and gives her a teddy bear hug. Well, Ju, you're not alone, not always, now I'm gonna put some of her family photos (taken from many sources, sorry for unable to credit, I always forgot the sources) as a support for her. 

I guess all look like their papa, all the faces look so alike, photocopier machine?
Her brother's hair is cute, so does Juju!
Ju and her Papa, I wonder wad they're looking at
Is Justine wearing the lollipop shirt inside? 
Hug Hug! ~Same smiles~ =) No matter how tired you are, a smile lifts your whole spirit up!
Juju and her bro
Is that carlos's son? So cute!
How old is Ju's sister? Looks like a teenager to me...
Papa planted a kiss on Juju's cheek, that's sweet...I always remember how I used to kiss my dad's face when I was young and got pricked by his shaved moustache... 
I really like the little golden hair boy..the cutest boy I've ever seen! So handsome and cute! And Ju smiles so cheerful! Heheh, her brother is acting cool eh?
All Smiles~ even the baby is that baby a boy or a girl? Anyway, this photo is so heart warming... 
Ju reallt looks like her daddy from this pic. Everything's the same, same smiles, same eyes and maybe Ju's nose is smaller but same length.
Well Ju, even if you didn't play tennis anymore, you're still the Queen of Tennis in my heart. As bright as the diamond ball! The Queen of My Heart!
The Papa and the girls.. 
Magazine version, I think Justine also read this magazine in the airport? (again I saw it from the video the Une star Femme something, sorry I dun understand French so can't remember the title) 
Nice to see them back together and smiling, Justine has a wider smile than her papa, I see.. 
The sweet moment for Papa Henin 
I'll look at the photos, since I dun understand a single word 
I love the bottom right hand corner pic! Justine is so sweet and charming! She has one of the most sweetest smiles in the world 
Wah, why so serious Papa Henin? Dark Sunglasses really gives off a very powerful strict aura. And I want to see more of this warm and shy smiles from Juju! Pls do not "disappear" forever, least occasionally some updates on you would be good.

Anyway, not only family, Justine, you still have us fans who'll always support you forever! After all, you're one remarkable person, who makes us realize so many meaningful life values and standing strong no matter what happens. I hope you continue this way, stay strong and positive and be happy. Always missing you~ I'm off to do my report~


  1. Oh, Shu, thanks for the pics. I had not seen some of these family photos. Problem is, something about the one where her father is kissing her on the cheek brings me to tears... again! I am up working, yet have tears dripping on the keyboard. This seems to happen to me without warning... gee! Some of these pics make me think about her estrangement from her family, then reunion, how she seemed so much happier,and now, she is going through another kind of heartache. I guess life is a rollercoaster, isnt it? ...and yes, she cannot disappear. Please, Justine.. keep us informed. I will never get bored hearing from you.. not ever! (I keep dreaming she will have miracle surgery and come back to tennis... dream, dream dream.. )

  2. Hi Christie, I gotten those pics from more than 2 sources I think but couldn't really remember from where. I think the chinese forums have the magazine photos. Sorry for making you cry again.

    well, she did ride rollercoaster b4...and her life is kinda like one right now, there are good and bad times, you can't really control it sometimes.

    Yes, I hope she'll not disappear just like that, hope wad she said in her letter the part where she said "see you soon...anywhere" will come true. Hope to see her soon, I miss her alot!