Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank you..Phew!

Since I'm still in school, just wanna rant out...Please Juju, you gave me such a scare but I'm really happy that you eventually won! didn't really see the whole match cos I was gonna have a meeting with my supervisor..but I couldn't concentrate with the meeting when our precious Juju is out there playing and down by 1 set...luckily she won!

This should be a good test for Juju's fitness and agility, I think Ju definitely played better than last year, and her opponent Sania played pretty good too! Her FH is crazy and scary, but Ju got it all together finally. Phew! Now I can go home and have my sweet dinner. Thanks God and Juju! Good luck on your next round match, hope you win all the way!!! ALLEZ!! Muacks, Juju!


  1. Study, study, study girl! ;)

    Meanwhile in Melbourne...

    Round 2 Match Chat - Presented by JH SUPPORTERS FORUM, and featuring fans from around the globe. Justine's first on Rod Laver Arena!

    Justine vs Elena Baltacha
    *MATCH TIME: 11:00am
    ** DATE: Wednesday January 19, 2011

    All times listed are Melbourne, Australia, so please use and coordinate your local city clock to Justine's Aussie match.

  2. ST, study well ;D

    I hope Ju will get the upper-hand tomorrow and never let her opponent play their's gotta be crucial, her 1st strike ^^

    woah, my hands was soooo cold like ice during the 1st round...but the incredible fight and attitude she showed was awesome... ALLEZ ♥

  3. Thank you Greenout for the chat info. I guess it's pretty early in SG for the tmr match. I'll try to wake up on time if possible...

    Hi sly, Thanks for the well wishes =)
    My whole body was shaking in the 1st round too, could be due to the lab being very cold plus at that time it's raining but Ju always gives us some nearly heart attack that I feel very warm afterwards..I just hope she wins smoothly, my heart cannot take it anymore of this "risks" but I too admire her fighting spirit, INCREDIBLE! Just like her 1st career where she fought against Capriati, Davenport, Myskina...Nv Gives Up!

    Come on Ju! Allez!