Friday, January 7, 2011

Belgium not thru to Finals....but Great Juju!

At least Belgium team is the first team to defeat Serbia! It's a pity they won't be through to the finals but I'm really very happy with Justine today. She played pretty well against Ana who has a big forehand and who didn't play too badly too. The mixed doubles was very entertaining as well. Oh Novak, always the drama king, hahaha, thanks for some good laugh!

Oh, and happy belated birthday Carlos! Nice to see Juju still remembers his birthday, she really treats him like her family. You can hardly see any other player who has such a good relationship with their coaches. This is respect and trust and support being built up for so many years. And hence the great results in Justine's great tennis! One of their keys to success!
Oh Ju, wad a forehand! How muscular! I see the hard work you put into training those arms! Hope it pays off in Grand Slams!
Don't try to bully Justine with high ball returns...Ju can still jump high and hit a great backhand!
A victorious comeback! See how happy she looked! I really like to see her in purple! Dark colours suit her.
The magic racket and the killer smile =) Ju can be the statue of liberty in Tennis
Ju:"Great tennis, thanks Ana!"
Ana:"Great comeback! At least I look more tanned than you, we should try arm wrestling someday..."
Ruben:"Ju, is that your magical racket? Can I borrow it and try?"
Ju:"What? No, no...this racket only listens to my command, plus, you're not really a Wilson =P"
Ruben:"Well, I'm a Prince!"
Ruben:"What are we supposed to do now, Big Queen Sister?"
Ju:"Hmmm...just leave the net volleys to me and you just assist me in attacking Ana and the behind shots."
Ruben:"I think one tennis ball is not enough, we should surprise them with another one"
Ju:"Hehehehe...good idea!" 
Ju:"You know, I'm not very happy with you being smitten by Ana's beauty and lost your concentration there..."
Ruben:"I'm sorry, actually, I find you are a very beautiful woman and I'll stick to you only, trust me"
Ju:"Just snap out of it, little boy! We're in a match! Do you want more bandages on your head?"
Ruben:"Belgium won!"
Ana:"(*winks her eyes at Ruben*) Yes, Congrats!"
Novak:"What a classy player, Justine! I couldn't really handle all your net volleys!"
Justine:"Thank you Novak, can I touch your hair?"

And thanks Greenout for the below pic: 
Guy:"Justine, you're making me're sexy...I forgot what to ask you in this interview..omg!"
Ju:"Well, you look pretty cute! I'm right! Australian boys are pretty good! Ok, let's get started..what do you want to ask?"
Guy:"How many of those caps do you have?"
Ju:"These are my thinking caps and will be any numbers divided by zero"

~*The above are all fictions*~

And this is the youtube video I gotten from Ilse's FB , credits to Guada, uploader: AussieTF 
Ju looks very beautiful in the video, isn't she? Really very pretty, If I'm the guy, I probably would ruin the whole interview and straight away go and hug her and ended up in jail for sexual harassment =X Just joking but seriously, off court Justine is so feminine and charming!! 

I tried to record the matches but the video quality is damn poor, plus alot of jitter thanks to my crappy network yesterday. Of all days, my network disappointed me when there's Ju's matches! Oh boy! Now I have to look for downloads of the matches, a better quality one! I'm still smiling at yesterday's Ju's performance, I really love her net volleys against Novak! Super climax! Thank you Justine!


  1. I could not see the doubles... so tired by then I was comatose, but I cant tell you how much I enjoyed the match against Ana. Sure, Ju is not perfect yet, but that variety, determination, fitness.... oh... she is back! I hope this elbow problem just goes away. For now, I see her as getting stronger and stronger... what a champion. She still gives me chills ! Allez!

  2. I was dead tired too, it was 3:00 am when the doubles match was on. So, I totally understand your situation Christie. (HA!) But I want to share this photo. It's Justine after the win over Ivanovic being interviewed on the host broadcasting station One HD Australia. Don't know why? but I think she likes being interviewed by this guy Anthony Hudson. But she's gotten really good on tv ever since those variety show appearances during the off time retirement.

  3. Hahaha... my husband just called me on the phone.. said, "Did you know that when I was getting up to go to work, you were so wound up with no sleep yet"? So, I thought I was comatose, but he said I went on and on about Justine. He went to work, and I went to bed for about 4 hours.. trying to work at my desk and need a nap so badly today! I really am getting too old for this, but hey, you only live once as far as I know.

    Lovely photo, Greeny. Justine is better nowadays with the interviews. I think she also likes being interviewed by this particular guy. Also, I liked it during her singles match vs Ana how the commentators were so complimentary of Justine. You could hear how much respect they had for her... okay, back to work for me.. uggh. Cheers! (Hi ST :-)

  4. happy new year !!! (is it too late??? lol)

    I haven't seen this match yet, hehe~~~ to much new year party ^^ just come by and say hi...

    btw... I like all music in your blog, I think you and I have the same taste in music.

    @ Greenout : I like this picture of Juju, I feel she is so sexy.

  5. Here's Justine and Ruben interviewed by Fred Stolle on court after the mixed dubs match with Serbia.
    * :) Nice B-Day shout out to Carlos from Justine.

  6. Hello Christie...haha, miss your sleep? I guess I should be lucky for this time that the Perth's timezone is the same as in SG. So no time difference and I could still watch the matches without feeling sleepy. Yes, Justine is better in expressing herself in interviews now, I love the interviews! And yeah, one of the good commentators that respected Justine much, always love to hear them "WOW" at Ju's shots! Hope you have a good sleep tonight!

    Hihi Greenout, thanks for the picture and the video link! So that guy was called Anthony Hudson, he looked pretty cute, so I guess Ju prefers talking to him, hehehe, Ju is a girl after all ;D

    Hey niki! Happy new year! Nope, it's not late, it's just the start of the new year and so far it's been a rather good one for Ju, and hopefully for us too! You should watch this match, she's not playing too poor though not at her very good level, but her skills are still there, solid and nicely displayed!

    Thank you, I was inspired by the music in your blog too, so I added the music here. At least when I'm not blogging, this blog won't be so dead, there will still be music accompany with this lonely blog..hahaha!

    @Greenout @All I too love that picture of Juju, her crossed legs sitting position got that queen aura and at the same time, a very sexy queen!