Thursday, January 27, 2011 broke my heart....Retirement.. =(

I need a couple of days more to recover from sadness, I'm sure Ju also needs to recover herself, not only from injury but from depress. Let's hope we can still see her smiles in the future if there's any chance we can see her in the media...

"If there is one thing I could regret, it is that I protected myself too much and couldn't stand closer to you. I hope you will forgive me" (by Justine)

Juju, NO one will ever BLAME you for this, we couldn't be much more luckier to watch your tennis, thank you for evertyhing, Ju...for all the sadness and happiness you've given me, to us fans, get well soon... =(

I'm so sad to hear about this!!! I can't say anything right now...but I wish that you will enjoy life, thanks for the good tennis you've given to us fans, I'm gonna cry now.

I'll keep this blog as my memories for you, I hope I can still see you onscreen in the future even if it's not tennis. My heart is bleeding profusely after being stabbed by thousands daggers.

Well, time to get a good man and get married and give birth to chubby little kids, Ju, I wish you all the best!

I love you forever!!!

Maybe now Justine can do some skiiing, skydiving, other sports since she had this sports genes in her and learns things pretty fast. Ju, write a biography of yourself and publish it worldwide..I'll be sure to buy it! And Justine, you do know that you have a very very sexy voice, you can always do some singing..bathroom singing also can, or be a news reporter. Just stay onscreen if there's any chance, so that I can still follow you.

Nevertheless, hope you have a good future, life is not everything about Tennis, Tennis just enhanced your life. More excitements to come outside of Tennis, go experience it, Justine!


  1. There are no words... just horrible feeling of loss and devastation. Feels kind of like someone died. I have been worried about the elbow for quite some time, but for this to happen?? Oh, there is no God.

  2. Yes Christie, I have lost all my faith in god after wad he had put Justine to go thru with all the pains and hardships. You create your own destiny and god won't help you at the decisions you made, he can only watch your life like a show, be it good or bad.

    My tears just dried up after crying for nearly 3 hours. My heart is dead right now but I believe Justine can't feel any better than us, that's for sure. I feel so sorry for her.

    I hope Justine will continue to stay positive about her future and be happy. Get a man, get laid for a family and have some kids. If we're lucky enough to see Justine's having kids and her kids playing tennis like their mom, that will be great! But well, sorry I advanced the timeline too much.

    Justine, all the best to you, I still hope to see you onscreen somehow, whether it's tennis or not.

  3. I feel the same way as I did before - I want Justine's story to have a happy ending. I'm quite stunned that the tennis part won't finish at Wimbledon with Justine holding that spinach plate. I imagined, and and dreamt it many times, Justine in the final - but the part of when she hold's the plate never happened. I remember her giving speeches in my dreams, and her father in the stands. I wonder if it was some sort of message all this time, that I never got to the part with her holding the big spinach plate?

    I know she has alot more to offer, and can give joy and love to the world as she has done many times in her off court activities. But I suppose this injury is just another side step to something greater for her in life. The ironies, and bittersweet things crossed with the absolute joys has always made Justine such an extraordinary player that captivated us and bonded us. Justine isn't everyone easy to like sports person, but the most gifted people usually aren't.

    I'm keeping the JH supporters Forum alive, and for everyone to visit. It's important that people remember all the great times, and tough times we shared together.


  4. Greeny and all, thank you for visiting this blog and also supporting Justine together through the good and the bad times. Justine bonded us together indeed!

    Greeny, I also dreamed about it though it's day dreaming and not in actual dream. Maybe Wimbledon grass isn't good enough to make a spinach plate. Although this is sad because she couldn't complete her career slam but well, she can still be proud that she made finals to Wimbledon too. The fact that she made finals to Wimbledon, won 3 other different slams shows that she's a very complete all rounder player no matter which surface she played on. For sure we will miss all her great tennis but she'll remain in our hearts!

    I know Justine's feeling even more worse than anyone of us right now but I hope she'll remain strong and positive and that life is not done without Tennis. With her talent, she can do so much more. And it's time she relaxed and travel around and visits to places she's nv been to b4. (come to Singapore!!! though Singapore may not have much attractions)

    Justine is one amazing great person, a miracle herself because she attracts non tennis fans like me, which my frenz also questioned me on why I would like Justine so much even though I do not watch tennis b4 and do not know how to play tennis. I simply answered them: "Because Justine's tennis is simply the best I've ever seen with such gorgeous backhand. No one will ever plays like her in WTA in terms of the variety she brought on court to us"

    Thanks Greeny for keeping the JH supporters Forum alive, it's great knowing ppl like you and her fans. A place where we stay united regardless of nationalities, all bonded because of this little yet greatest sports tennis woman.
    I'll continue to spam this blog with my love for Justine until maybe one day I'm tired out but I believe Ju had superglued deep inside my heart, stronger than Uhu super glue.

    Thanks to all and Justine, your words made me cry over and over (I'm a crying baby, sorry) but I hope you had a succssful operation and heals your elbow well, and hope to see you around somewhere too! Best of luck to our little Belgian warrior!

  5. justine's tremendous will power and talents made her who she is. she was never in any advantageous position playing tennis in big babes game. how she craved out a path in this world is simply an extraordinary effort no others can ever imagine or follow. her motivatin and her heart are her fuel to success. no one ever could beat her, except her own fragile body. it's always been physical issue.

    but that makde her even more determined to succeed. taking every chance and every risk to overcome odds. she is tough.

    there are a lot of misunderstanding about her. in her first career she couldn't care less and in her second, we saw the embracing justine to the world. opening up and sharing as much as she could. she is briliant on court and classy off court.

    i believe in god. god has a plan for everyone and we may not know why at this moment. i hope justine can draw comfort from him.

    in her second career, even though it ends abruptly, but she gave herself a second chance to show the world how great a player and person she is. she gave us a chance to ride the short, bitter-sweet journey with her one more time. and now she and her fans are bonded closest ever.

    justine, our little fighter, stay strong. you are well loved.

  6. It was indeed a bumpy ride (this 2nd career) but it was still a joyride...she fought hard till her last match didn't she...just that her body had finally reached the limits...I must learn how to accept this end but I will miss her so much...I'll still support her all endeavors and still think of her everyday...and hopefully the pain goes away... I love you Ju ♥

  7. Yes as much as I wanted her to stay on tour right now, I also can't bear to watch her in pain..I can't believe I'm still crying right's been about 12 hours or minus away the 2 hours I've managed to hypnotize myself to sleep.

    Yes we have all the sweet and bitter moments watching her 2nd career. Now makes me even more regretted to not knowing her and following her tennis in her whole 1st career. My time to know her, to watch her tennis is short, it's just been a year but I will continue to love her forever. At least we get to see her 1st and her last mixed doubles matches in hopman cup this year, Justine wearing sweet dresses in Best of Belgium, and night gown (can I call it a gown) in the hopman cup ball party, as well as sexy Juju in bikini in her video. So many new things she tried during her second career, a breakthrough.

    Thank you Justine for the emotionally roller coaster ride but I dun mind paying for the ride. It's been a ride worthwhile. And sad part in her msg when she wrote that she's sorry for protecting herself too much and not able to stand closer to us, I seriously feels so touched and this makes me cry again. Oh Justine, the very 1st woman to make me feels so crazy and for once screwed my life overnight but well, so long as she stays happy, she can screw me over and over again. I just want her to find her happiness and keep laughing and smiling~

    We love you Justine Henin <3

  8. I have never posted a comment here before, but i love your blog :) thanks for sharing with us lovely moments of justine. I just found out tonight, and I feel so heartbroken. But atleast she still has more to give, and hopefully we will get to still see her around, this time as not the tennis champ, but the person who made us love her in the first place. She can know for sure that all her loving fans and I will be with her all the way! I love you more juju <3

  9. Hi sezzagezza, welcome here =) Yes, all of the fans of her got heartbroken overnight, even cried for hours. Not exaggerating but this is wad had happened to me, guess I'm too obsessed in her and emotional.

    I love Justine's tennis first b4 I really get to love her as a person. Now I completely love everything about her. She's a very very down to earth person, shy yet brave. I hope so too that we will still get to see more of her in the future, be it tennis or not. Let's continue to support her all the way!

    We <3 you Ju!

  10. Aww Chia, its ok you're not too obsessed, it's just too easy to get emotionally attached to the wonderful person Justine is. I know that because I have to admit I am too. From one match at the Australian open a few years back I watched on tv, I couldn't take my eyes off her. I knew she was someone special and my love grew from the player to the whole person just like you and im sure heaps of other fans did too. Yes us Juju fans will unite and continue our support for her!
    Juju the best <3
    ps don't mind my username (haha I know it's lame :P) but that's what came up when I used my google account :P my name's Sarah :)

  11. Oh hi Sarah, Haha, I should used Justine's quote and said to her: "If there is one thing I regret, it is that I didn't follow her first career and couldn't get to know her better". I really regretted alot for this. I know it's better late than never but to think I only started following her last year brisbane and now she's retired, it's only a very short period of about 1 year...I feel so sad for it. But at least I did follow her after all and it is Justine who makes me loves watching tennis but only tennis that is played so artistically beautiful. Now I will not watch WTA anymore, since it's ugly tennis now with power and baseline ballbashing style dominating the whole tour. God I miss Juju!

    Yes Justine is such a wonderful person that you cannot take your eyes off her and that you wish she's your best friend. i'm sure she'll make a very good pal, friend, and a good mum too (if ever got the chance, hope there is!)

    And yup! Let's continue to support Justine forever! Haha, your username is hard to decipher. It's like a Morse code or something but your actual name is nice and sweet!

  12. Yeahh me too when she wrote that I just wished that I got to like her earlier, even though I followed her in her first career. I had always liked her, but the match when she lost to sharapova I just couldn't keep me eyes off her class (even though she was losing) and her facial expressions. I followed her more and got obsessed with her haha. I was shocked when she announced her retirement and after that I was always hoping, even expected at one point to come back. And she did. It was good to see her playing again (I got to see her play at the Aus open at rod laver :)
    But now I know this time was the time to go, and I'm sure Justine didn't want to go this way, but it was inevitable and I guess when you look back to how bad her injury really was, even though juju gave us faith in playing, brave girl :) you think that it was nearly the end of the road for tennis. Yes the WTA just lost it's most beautiful game. I think I'll stick to Federer only now (been my fave for years lol) We all miss her so much! I know I can feel that she's such a loyal person with a warm heart, she would be a great friend. who knows, if my dreams come true I might be able to know her a little (I want to be a guitarist in band hehe) and collaborate with her to do good things for children and what not. For her being a mum, I'm sure that time will come =) Hahaha I made my msn address when I was about 12, I'm 15 now xD
    Love ya Juju! <3

  13. Hi Sarah, well, at least we get to know this great honourable person b4 she leaves the field. At least you followed her more than I's short for me but I have no regrets for liking Justine. In fact, I would kneel down and thanks her for it! Her facial expressions always have this magnetic effect drawing your attention closer to her. Very rich and expressive yet sometimes like a poker face too.

    At least she had tried coming back and she went straight to the finals of AO even if she's not at her best shows that she's the real queen of Tennis with style and variety rather than just sheer power with no tactics.

    I'll probably won't watch that much of tennis but if I do, I'll stick to ATP matches and of course, just like you, I love Federer more, because the playing style of his is so much similar to Justine. And he has a beautiful game, whether he is losing or not, doesn't matter, it's the art he paints on the tennis field that I admires, just like Juju.

    Cool you wanna be a guitarist..I nv know how to play any of the instruments, I'm not musically talented and the only thing that I do is to sing which makes my neighbour's new born baby cried and also the dogs barking...omg!

    You're so young! Makes me miss my old days in secondary school when i was 15 too...I'm about 9 years older than you. Time flies~

  14. That's true, I'm so glad we got to know her :) I wish more people would though, because she didn't seem as popular around some people but nothing would stop me from supporting her :) I would kneel down to her too! haha yeah she has that kind of effect on people like me and you, there's no one quite like her... I'm glad she returned, even if it wasn't for long, especially at the Australian open because I got to see her play :D although she lost she played soo well with her injury, and I'm sure she knew that she left with the crowd on her side (seriously everyone was cheating for her, and until Roger went on there was this down atmosphere in the stadium) I got to yell "allez Justine!" with everyone haha.

    I think I'll definitely watch the tennis, there are some WTA players that have a good personality and sense of humor, like Andrea Petkovic (I like her dance lol) but when it comes to game, the only player left to watch is Roger (or Rogi, my nickname for him :P) Rogi and Juju both have class, and are both sponsored by Rolex xD

    Yep I'm not that great though, well yet is a better way to put it :P haha no you're not that bad at singing I'm sure :) Aww yes time does fly, hopefully this year doesn't go in a blink of an eye, If we see Justine often it will be great :)

  15. That's true, I'm glad she came back because else I wouldn't even know her great existence because I nv liked watching Tennis b4. She was the one who made a non tennis lover like me to understand (I wouldn't say fully) but some parts of tennis and to appreciate the sport. I didn't know that Tennis can be played so beautifully. I used to watch some of the ppl playing tennis and it was so boring to and fro without any slices and drop shots.

    Good that you'll continue to watch tennis. Right now, I think I'll find time to watch only the men tennis. Even if the girls have good personalities on court which includes humour, I hope their game will be as great and not a joke. But I just couldn't bring myself to watch the women tennis anymore..I loved single backhanders, it's so artistic and Ju had one of the best backhand. Even if she didn't play anymore, her fighting spirit and great artistry remain in our hearts forever.

    Let's just hope Justine will continue to appear in our eyes radar....