Monday, January 10, 2011

Justine training in Melbourne

Sorry, still feeling lazy to blog (can slap myself), SG here is raining and the weather is so cool and making me feeling very sleepy...

Anyway, I got these pics and info from the JH supporters forum, seems like Juju can't wait for the AO to start soon, so eagerly active!

Btw, I got this upload links from the tennis forum: (Thank you to whoever uploaded them!)

You can find quite good quality of Justine's hopman cup matches including the mixed doubles! I've downloaded her match against serbia both singles and mixed doubles. Tried to download her match against the Australia team but my download speed is too slow...hope the vs USA one is uploaded too. I think all are in Russians language, no interviews but good quality.

And here's the pics of Justine training: 
Queen Juju serving, I think her serves improved when I saw her serves during the hopman cup 
Ju really used up every inches of her muscles to hit a ball. Look at those arms, oh yeah, and her facial expression 
I think this maroon pink Adidas shirt has become her favourite training shirt! And I really love to see her in shorts! Toned thighs and lean strong agile legs! 
This must be near the net..look Ju's both feet are off the ground 
Juju, I scared your eyeballs may pop out anytime, just kidding, but this shows how focused Ju is on the ball movement, be alert! 
Seems like from all these pics, I think she's training more on her forehand. Look at her right it naturally "dented" like that or is it because of her knee surgery in the past?

And this youtube video of Juju in action, training in Melbourne
I love her very first point...the drop shot! Yummy! How many training partners does Ju have? 

And thank you Greenout for the link on Ju's interview in Perth:
Stretching? To strengthen the elbow? 
Tough training...really tough! 
seems like these training balls are very useful in different kinds of trainings! 
This is to train the stomach core muscles is it? Looks easy but actually very tiring and energy draining
Times up, Justine finally can rest...phew! 
And Ju lies on the mat, taking a short rest 
Even when cycling, her physio had to take care of her arm and elbow.. 
But this big guy scares me a little...don't exert too much force, else you'll break our precious Juju's arms...god bless all's good!

I took the screen captures to show how hard Justine had been training and those who disliked her can say anything stupid and childish but you cannot deny the hard work and effort that Justine had put in to produce good tennis for us and to win grand slams! Allez Justine! Best of luck in AO!


  1. Yes, ST, Justine works so hard, its obvious. I bet there is no one who works harder. She looks tremendously fit. Oh, it looks like I am about to have several more sleepless nights ahead of me with AO coming up! :-)

  2. Oh yes Christie, Juju is tremendously fit..I was shocked to see her arms so big, maybe it's part of the healing process. But I hope she won't over train herself to be too bulky.

    I think in the middle of AO, my new term would start and I would have to go to school. Praying for a very good news from Juju!

  3. What's the matter ST.. dont want Justine to turn into the "Incredible Hulk Henin"? hahaha .. Actually, if I ever meet Justine, I might challenge her to an arm wrestling match.... then I would be the one wearing an arm brace, possibly a permanent one!

  4. LOL! ;) Incredible Hulk Henin! Funny. What I amazes me is how strong her wrists must be to take all the brutal serves (Allez John Isner give me your best shot!). I think for us mortal folk just holding onto a racket might be a problem when receiving serve. I know the vibration would make my hand hurt...

  5. Hi Christie, haha, Incredible Hulk Henin isn't wad I wanted her to become...she can be incredible but no hulk pls, no...I still want Juju to look petite, cute! Since she wasn't that tall, if looking too big sized would result in a very square looking to me. Now is just fine to a little bit big.

    Yeah, I would want to challenge her to a sure lose arm wrestling match too and then take MC for School, oh yeah!

    Greenout, yes, I always think that it must be very strong of her arm to withstand all those heavy balls coming towards her. I think those hitting with one hand like Federer and Justine have very big wrist..seen Juju's wrist training with Pat, looks so tough and Ju looked like she's gonna cry, those trainings made my heart wrenched in pain for her.

    I think if I were to receive a serve from any of them, I think I might find my right arm on the ground, let alone John Isner's serves...I could even imagine my best serving speed to be 35km/h! Power right!