Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st Match of the Year! (My crappy review and pics!)

Although Belgium eventually lost to Australia, it was overall a pretty entertaining match, especially the mixed doubles, intense and fun!

*Edit: More photos from (just click on Belgium or Australia)

Uploaded the mixed doubles match: 
I'm sure there are better quality vid of it, awaiting for someone to upload it.

Justine won against Alicia Molik with scoreline 6-4, 6-4. Alicia is a pretty decent good player, and she also plays variety shots too, quick reaction at the net and when Justine wins her, I'm pretty satisfied with this result no matter how some others may think Ju isn't playing that well. To me, she's playing pretty good, just need more consistency and improves her serves please!!! Though her forehand still makes mistakes but when she's on, it's still very powerful, so I'm still very hopeful. =)
Juju listening to Belgium National Anthem 
Ju always covers her face with the towel like the one above...and concentrates hard, it's ever since young.
Devil Juju coming out! Look at the fire in Ju's eyes! 
Ju receiving interviews after winning the match

Too bad Ruben lost the match against Lleyton Hewitt...but he's still a very young player and he has good physique, he's tall and his forehand is powerful and strong. Just need more matches and practices and he'll have a good future ahead of him.

As for the mixed doubles, the scoreline is 6-1, 3-6, 8-10 (TB), the first set is superb! Didn't expect this but I'm definitely loving it! Justine and Ruben had great chemistry, playing points after points very well and I guess their intensity dropped a little in the second set. The third set is a TB to reach 10 points first wins, it was a very high intensity and sweat dripping match! Adrenalin rushing as you see both side refusing to back off. For once I thought Belgium would win but the Aussie team turn it around and won at the end. Though Belgium lost, it was probably the only match I could still smile after losing. Justine and Ruben had never played mixed doubles b4, let alone pairing up. Plus the Aus team is pretty strong, so overall it was good feeling, just a bit pity. ^^
Secret planning of tactics...hehehe
Even their actions are the same, good chemistry even if it's their first time pairing 
Ju giving interview 
Closeup look
I'm sure those who watches the match enjoyed Ju's interview very much...this Juju is getting more and more fun and loving! Naughty Juju, Aussie boys, hmmm...good one! =P
Ju:"Australian boys are pretty good...hehehe" 

And more pics from the chinese Baidu forum...thanks to them! Uploader: 春天的梦想来了
And you can find some of cute Ju's pics in the Forum as well and oh, the pics there are bigger I think =)
Ju's net play is still good, very nice to watch! 
Oh, Ju's semi-pouting... 
Ju:"I believe we could've won that point! Damn it!" 
Great pair, great team! Red and so called blue? 
Ruben has a pretty good serve, he's tall too 
Feminine Juju...sweet!
Both wiping face... 
I love how they discuss their tactics and executes them 
Ju:"My forehand will no longer be my liability, just wait and you'll see!" 
I love her smile! so friendly and warm! 
Ju is ready for the battle at the net and waiting for a surprise move 
She still needs to improve on her serves though but so far it's ok 
One of the cunning tactics the Belgians played, to hit towards the middle of their opponents, so that they "clash" their rackets?  
Ju's slices are good and smooth, beautiful!
Is this going to be a lob?
Cute Justine! Cutest and the most wonderful player to me...hope her elbow's alright now 
Nice to see them being friendly and cool, good teamwork!

Let's hope to have a good match against Kazakhstan! Allez Belgium team!


  1. I enjoyed the two after match interviews. Still cracking up over Justine's teasing-flirty reply of "Australian Boys are Pretty Good!" when asked if Ruben was serious when about being in Perth for the tennis and not interested in girls

    Here's a nice VRT Belgian Flemish news clip of the Justine & Alicia match.
    1st win for 2011! :) Justine def. Alicia Molik 6-4 6-4

    Video highlights Belgium tv news VRT SPORZA

  2. Hi Greeny, Yes, I'm smiling even when I'm gg to sleep thinking about that part. Ju is so lovable!

    Thank you for the link of the highlights! Allez Belgium, hope they wins their next match!