Sunday, January 30, 2011

Randomness~I miss Justine

Since Greenout gave us the link of Tao's drinks facebook page, I might also paste it here:
Go click on the "like" button on the Tao's drinks facebook page to support Juju!

And also to add in the picture which I gotten from the forum:
All the great memories of a great and respected Champion! Always stays in the hearts of many...No matter what happens, I'll always support you, Justine!


  1. liked :) I'm learning Green Day's "Good Riddance Time of Your Life" on guitar at the moment and I can't help but think of Justine. Miss you ju <3

  2. It really makes me sad to read all these desperate "go for an easy experiemental surgery Justine" comments.

    Surgery isn't that easy nor simple. We're talking about a person's health here. And we haven't even gotten to the part about the actual rehab process, then training to get into shape to play top level tennis. I want Justine to live free, and do whatever she wants to, and it's not my right to judge her or expect her to live out this fantasy of another comeback. And please don't use Martina N's age at 34 as an example. Old Martina never faced players with such power that they hit serves so hard that it rips the racket out of a person's hand if they are not steady or ready to return it!. And Schiavone? She has never had to live the emotions, and the training and the expectations of Justine from 2000-2008. There was never this sort of training and expectations - so naturally Schiavone is free mentally and emotionally to play some good tennis now.

  3. Well, I see your point, but I certainly do not completely agree with you. For one thing, I dont know who said its an "easy" surgery (that would be ignorant,, and shame on them if they said that) ...and people have the right to their opinions, yet Justine knows this is all up to her and no one else. Also, her fans have good intentions, I am sure, so try to forgive them instead of simply criticizing. Justine, after all, did not leave because she WANTED to. She came back to tennis because she WANTED to. The way she is being forced out is terribly sad since it is not what she would have chosen. In the end, the surgery may not be "experimental", it may be necessary if she can not naturally heal now that she has more damage from AO. This is something I actually have knowledge of, so I am not just being desperate.
    Anyway, whatever happens, I hope Ju can be free of all the pain eventually. Her life would be miserable if she has chronic pain. I also hope she can be happy emotionally. This may be the biggest challenge... getting past this shock and disappointment. We love you Justine!

  4. Hi Christie,

    :) Thanks for understanding, and I respect your opinions. We certainly have no details into what medical choices were given to Justine, and it's a private matter between herself and physicians. But I guess I was just a bit upset when some fans reacted as if Justine doesn't know what she is doing. We have to also understand besides the privacy issue, there is the translations from English - French - Dutch- English that may have omitted the exact nature of her injury and type of methods that have been suggested already to Justine.

    I know we're all looking for and awaiting some news from Justine herself. It's going to be after Fed Cup weekend, but I'm excited already!

  5. Yeah... thanks Greenout.. I keep thinking back about Justine saying her fans "suffer" a lot. Its weird, but its like we all continue to suffer right along with her sometimes. I do hope to hear she is feeling better. In the end, its truly what matters.
    Yes, some things get messed up in translations, people picking a word when they meant another, etc. I am guilty of wanting Justine back, but who wouldnt be this way? To see her smiling and happy will make me feel so much better, so I hope we see that again.

  6. Sarah, that song title sounds abit "rebellious?" =P

    Christie and Greenout, I respect both of your opinions about Juju. We fans have been in the dilemma of wanting Juju back on the tour and also not wanting her to suffer anymore injuries and pain on tour too. Every surgeries have a risk, no matter how minor or major they are. One part of me wanted Justine to be able to come back and wins her elusive title but any part of me just wanted her to live a much more "peaceful" and well paced life without the harsh trainings and the physical strain she has to go through.

    Whatever it is, it is still up to her to decide the path she wanted to take and if in the future she ever thinks of coming back on tour if her elbow is able to heal completely. Justine has already pushed the limits of her body to win the 7 GS, she actually had already earned much respect even from the haters and no one can deny her efforts and talents in producing the great artistry of Tennis.

    I'm sure all of us just want her to stay healthy and of course a cheerful smiling Juju. She can always find adrenalin through sky diving, or other things which ever thrills her. Now it's time to let her calm down and think through. No matter what, we'll support her always right? <3 Juju!

  7. Haha Chia, yeah the "good riddance" part of the title does make it sound like that :P but its totally the opposite because it's a pain to not see her play anymore. What relates to me is the songs lyrics, like I'm saying to her "I hope you had the time or your life with your amazing career, because it was a pleasure for us to watch you become a champion" :)
    About the whole surgery thing, I totally agree with all of you because ju's health and wellbeing is the most important thing and we all respect her decision because we know that it's her choice and thats whats best for her as a person, not only a tennis player. <3 you ju!

  8. Oh Sarah, haha, a contradicting title I'd say but seems like the lyrics are meaningful. And yup, we'll wish her no matter what and support whatever decisions she made. After all, we should thank her for the great tennis that she had produced for all these years. Tennis will surely miss her great talent and class.

    We fans had loved her more than just a tennis player, she's a very very wonderful young lady. <3 Juju 4eva!

  9. That's what I was thinking! I was hoping that people wouldn't take it the wrong way xD that's true, without Justine we would always be subjected to that boring ball bashing kind of tennis. I know that we're kinda back to that since ju's not playing anymore, but it was so great to watch. I will miss her emotions on court...
    I totally agree with you, every single fan does too :)
    Juju you are the best <3

  10. Hi changed your Username! Yes, Tennis just lost much of its glory light when Ju retired. Really thanks to rottweily's site for her past matches download which I've missed but still had the chance to witness her supreme power!
    I miss her emotions on court too...

    Yes, Justine is the best! <3 * infinity!

  11. Yes I finally learnt how to haha, sorry I haven't been on lately because school started again for the year... :P yep I guess the only way to watch her play now is on the internet and stuff, what a shame about womens tennis now, go roger! I guess I'll be wearing my Rf cap more often hehe xD her emotions on court was the first thing loved about her :) All the best Juju <3

  12. Haha, I may not have learnt how to change the username though but it's alright for me I guess.

    It's funny how some ppl said I'm a fake tennis fan because I claimed that I won't watch the women tennis anymore after Ju retired. Well, it's true, I ain't a pure tennis fan, in fact, I nv considered myself to be one. Ju is the one who made me loves watching tennis but only her tennis. Well, I would say to them that I ain't a real tennis fan but a real tennis fan should appreciate Justine's tennis and knows that women tennis now is in a very embarrassing situation with not much girls playing with variety and worse still, it's almost all baseliners. Sorry to anyone who disagrees, well, the above are just my own opinions.

    I would go for roger too, for his games, so suave and nicely executed. Oh, I really miss Juju... =(