Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ju's updates (old and new)

Sorry this posting is for the long overdue (old) news. Been busy this week and I don't dare to really blog at work, so...

Anyway, thanks Ilse's facebook for the news and photos and also the photographer Bertrand Wuiame who took many of the beautiful pics. It was the greek event thing at Chez Justine (a restaurant in Club Justine Henin), apparently, it was a lively evening there including fun dancing and a great gathering:
Two beautiful ladies for sure, so good to see you, Justine! 
I always wanted to do this with my friends, it looks so heart warming and sweet but too bad, I seldom have large friends gathering. 
Justine in command..Aye Aye Madam!  
Nice synchronization in there for the dance!  
Justine looks so short among the tall ppl =X  At least, she looked cute!
I wanna be there and join in the fun and dance... 
Backview of Justine...looking so thin, oh Juju can't you eat more? If you don't mind, I can donate my fats to you, I hope you're doing well.  
Where's Justine? So wanna see her in the dance too. She did dance right? But not captured inside the camera. The camera is too shy to look at her all the times too, and yes I mean the camera itself. But it's nice to see the fun ppl had there. 
Lucky ppl get the interaction with Justine ;-) 
Ok, seems like Justine ain't the shortest =P

I must say, Justine, your club is a wonderful place for recreational activities and sports and also the perfect place for friends gathering or making new friends there. From these pics, I already feel like teleporting myself over there and get to see your club with my own eyes. 

And to add on to the previous post with her video on the Petits Princes (Annecy), here's the link of the related article with photos: 

And I don't normally go and search for Belga pics of Justine because of the watermarks but it seems they have many nice Justine's photos there despite the watermarks, I can't resist her cute smiles after all:

In continuation to the Tour de Wallonie event pics:
~No comments~ 
Oh wad's this expression, Ju? Looking bored? But nice sunglasses, would love to see you wear it with this suit..will make you look like a cool mafia =X 
I want this pic without the watermark!!! This is so cute Ju! 
Wow, wish I could take pics with Ju this close! Justine's eyes always a charm ^^ 
Yes, I saw this pic on Suhu san's blog so I check it out! I would also want this pic w/o the watermark!!! Why must they put the watermark on the place they shouldn't put? Oh my beautiful Justine's face...can't they put the mark at her neck there? 
Another good photo of 100-20 marks with the 20 for the watermark. 
It's the motherly Ju and the lovely kids again! 
It's the motherly handsome beautiful Justine with the lucky man again, I feel the urge to photoshop myself in place of the gentleman, sorry man, just my silly thoughts but luckily the watermark prevented my silly act! 
This pic of Justine, I admit I saw it on the TF, and I don't know why but her expression in this pic plus her whole look reminds me of her 2006 look. I can't explain it but it feels like the 2006 Justine.

And another news of her regarding her interactive tennis match in Tibet. I'm lazy so I shall copy and paste Ilse's words here:

Soon (this August) Justine will give an interactive tennis match in Lhasa (Tibet/China) in front of the Potala Palace. This activity aims at popularizing tennis in China as a warm-up for China Open. After a series of activities there she will fly to Beijing to watch the International Tennis Challenge and then teach youngsters to play tennis in a tennis camp:

The "match" on 9 August in Lhasa will take around 50 minutes, and will be more an interactive event with a Chinese tennisplayer (Sun Tiantian) and local fans then a real match, but ...its better the nothing ! Congratulations Justine for your efforts to promote tennis in China and that you will be on court again!

Link here:

Hope Ilse, you don't mind me copying your whole chunk of words here, I'm a lazy un-creative pig. And indeed, 9 Aug is my country's national day, just a coincidence but it would be something worth celebrating for "with Justine" =P Allez!

And a random cheer here: I finally can upload Youtube videos for more than 15min! Which means I can upload a full match. I've tried today and it works! I've tried uploading 2008 Antwerp round 2 match which is 2:37:54 long. Though it also took me about 4-5 hours to upload but it's better than to split it into so many smaller chunks. Allez!


  1. Chez Justine does look like a nice place to meet up with people, and let's not forget the tennis that goes on at Club Justine too :) I'm sure Ju had fun there, and she probrobly did dance, knowing the energetic side to her :) Those pics are nice, apart from the watermarks -.- I actually get what you mean about the 2006 expression, especially when you picture her hair as a ponytail, ah, those were the days...
    Still missing your tennis Ju! I dont think I'll ever stop...

  2. Of course, not to forget her other activities that's gg on there, well, I so wanna visit her club if money and time permit. I think she would dance better now with the "experience" she had last time =P

    Yes if only they don't include the watermarks but well that would mean to buy the photos from them w/o the marks. Luckily, Ju is simply special enough that the marks are nothing to shadow her beautiful face.

    Yup, you got it right, the ponytail and the adidas cap, missing those days~ I think I'll stop missing Ju the moment I have serious Amnesia.