Friday, July 29, 2011

Just a little Ju news

Just saw this video from youtube...yes I'm skiving again at work..shhh...

Justine as a sponsor for a tennis tournament-Petits Princes (Annecy), I think:

Somehow I look at this video I find Justine looking like what she was when she was a teenage with short hair, yes definitely much younger looking...old brings back the old times eh?

And thanks to suhu san, I get to find these pics, also posted on Ilse's facebook. Suhu's san blog is here:
So Justine was present at the Tour du Wallonie event and loving her smiles in there:
news info here:
The little girl is so cute!!! Justine as handsome as ever :P 
I can't decide who is the most handsome, sorry beautiful Justine, you're a good candidate as the most handsome and beautiful lady 
what caption should I put for this pic? 
Justine is the guest of honour right? 
This guy is so thin like more pls, both of you :) 
Beautiful flowers for beautiful Justine 
Justine as small as ever...I think she tiptoed in this photo to make herself looking taller besides the tall guy =X 
Motherly Justine at work again, the children are soooooooo cuteeeeeee! Just like Ju, hehehe!

Miss Justine, miss her tennis, miss her unique powerful artistic backhand, miss her on court interviews and smiles, miss her off court shows and dancing and singing, basically missing her everything.


  1. Justine looks great as always, love the last pic :) Her hairstyle does remind me of how she looked back in the day with short hair.
    I miss Juju tennis, miss her game no one comes close to in the wta, yep her singing and dancing too :) I'd like to see any other is do what she did, she was so brave to go on stage :) I pretty much miss everything Justine as well...

  2. Sarah, now the dilemma is that Justine in the past when short hair looks like a tomboy. So her this hairstyle does makes her looking younger yet maybe no more tomboyish look but a handsome look =X

    I guess I'm just gg nuts about her handsomeness...handsomeness on court, I hate the one dimensional game in WTA right now, it's so downright boring, it's been months since I last watch a full tennis match, and the last match was Justine vs Svetlana in 2011 AO, her last match too =(

    Justine the best ever and the cutest in doing everything->dancing and singing and acting and sports! Give me some of your active cells, Juju, then perhaps I can slim down more =D

  3. That is true, but I must add that her hair now is very sleek, a refreshing look for Ju although I will never forget the ponytail, I miss her cap lol :(
    Yep you gotta admit Juju is probrobly the only person to look so handsome at one time and pretty the next. She has true beauty more people should see. Women's tennis is soo boring now, it lacks Ju's creativity. Me too I haven't watched for so long, I was there at vs Svetlana game. I think my presence jinxed the whole thing :/ "once I see Ju play no one else will ever get the chance again" or something like that...
    She is very cute in everything, I admire her for the enthusiasm for everything she sets her mind to :)

  4. Hi Sarah, sorry for late reply. Yes the trademark cap with ponytail on court, always classic and be missed.
    Justine's look is simply perfect to me, with the golden inner beauty which the haters failed to discover, sad for them then.
    It will take years b4 I really find the interest to watch Women's tennis again or when a similar juju's on the tour. I always thought that I jinxed her too whenever I watch her match, she would be like losing, then when I decided to stop for a while and went to the toilet, she won. -.- and the last match against Svetlana, I watched it whole, she lost, lucky I didn't get the chance to watch her play live. =X
    But now, also nv will... =(

    I always think Justine's expression is super cute in everything, cute, sad even angry...I think I'm too crazy, bleh =P