Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Internship Workplace decorations ^^

Being bored, I shall show my pics of my workplace here and the simple weird decorations that I have made myself:

Look at my desk so clean and like been abandoned for ages b4 I came in. Pls ignore the little head that pops up in the pic behind...

This is the food (tidbits) combined with my friend's, some to be spread over to my desk. One box of chocolates already finished so not inside the pic...
And for sure, the first thing I do, is to set my desktop wallpaper to Justine Henin artistic shot!
And this is the box of chocolates that I had finished (pic taken from google images), sorry I didn't buy Belgium chocolates...
And the chocolates wrapping papers are being folded into boxes and cranes and 2 different types of un-glam flowers...decorations :P
And also made into those "ninja darts" big and small and also a boat. The two big boxes are made from used paper and I tried to draw Justine head logo on it. The left side is first attempt which I think I drew her nose too wide. The right side is the second attempt which I like better. Sorry for the copyright infringement of her logo. 
And this is ME! Yes the smiley is being reused again..hahaha! I had a very comical yet fierce fierce angry dying look in this pic, so better not show it up here to scare any souls...

And this is the best present I've ever got for my birthday! Thank you Richard! =D The beautiful box on the left was to contain the beautiful book on the right inside. Though I'm not sure how authentic the contents inside were but it was rather interesting to read and I've finished within 2 days. First time I get to finish reading a book, oh I'm so happy! Most of the time the books that I borrowed from the library have only the same fate of ending up in the book drop after I read a few pages of it, the record being 100+ pages. This time round I've broken the record and no, this book is not ever gonna be in the book drop. ;-)

And I haven't got the time to upload Justine's matches this weekend, will do it the next weekend. I'm going out now, cheers to everyone!


  1. This is a cool post, I like your wallpaper, very artistic Ju :) I feel like chocolates now after seeing them, and your drawing of Justine is great! I wish I could draw that well :) Lol your picture of you is cute with the big smiley face haha :) Congrats on your book present and on reading it all, I'm sure it was very interesting :) miss ya Juju <3

  2. Thank you Sarah! I love chocolates and I think I'm beginning to really have the round face like the smiley after eating and sitting down and sleeping without much calories burning activities, maybe next time the smiley wouldn't even fit onto my balloon face.

    I am not good in art though I love to draw human faces, but maybe mine is too "artistic" that I draw a person will become another new person, the face is totally different but at least still looks like a human. And yup, that book is certainly very interesting to read and some interesting cute toddler Justine inside! So wanna turn back the time, flies over to Belgium and kidnap baby Justine! Too cute, oh I'm so evil!

  3. I love chocolate too, haha I'm sure that's not true :) it's cool that you can even draw human faces, and that thing you said about the changing when you draw them is interesting :) I'm really bad at anything drawing related :P aww Ju was a very cute toddler, I understand where you are coming from lol, yes you are evil haha just joking xD I wanna go back in time and see Justine play tennis and do what made us want to discover more about her, I miss her tennis so much... <3

  4. I guess everyone loves chocolates! They are so tastily sinful! Haha! That's why I would fail in art if I were to draw a portrait of someone cos I may do him/her a virtual "Plastic Surgery" (be it success or failure one) on paper.

    Hehehe, I am always evil when thinking about cute little Juju and how I so wanna kidnap her home, oh forgive me god! And indeed, I would so wanna watch her play tennis again though I know it's not gonna happen. Come on 6th sense! Produce more Juju lookalikes! But none shall replace the unique her.