Saturday, July 9, 2011

Justine...a godmother of a ship?

So here's another update from the facebook, thanks to Ilse. According to her translation, Justine and Tia Hallebaut became the "godmothers" of the two new ships of the company DEME. Justine is the godmother of the ship "Congo River", the pics below are from this link:

Justine & Tia (the motherly godmothers) 
Ju's "godship"->Congo River, so green!  
Definitely missing her holding the racket, this must be the first time I saw a person wearing so smart for tennis
So Ilse said Ju hit the tennis ball to baptize the ship
A grand occasion with so many big ppl, really think the Congo River ship is so unique! Unique ship's godmother is unique too!
Nice hat!!!  Another first time seeing her wearing this kind of hat =D
Is this the same suit she wore for the fed cup thing? I love seeing her in suit, so businesswoman like! But I must say, I love this photo with that radiant smile of her!
Another nice photo with Ju's bright smile =) So angelic!
Now this is where Justine's handsomeness flows in a nice gentleman, oops! I know Justine is beautiful lady but the way she holds her hat and the glass of champagne plus that look, makes me think she's more handsome than most other guys =X 
The guy is more interested in Justine than the woman in the middle, seems like the center woman not very happy with this...Ju attracts more attention =P hehehe, just joking, both are beautiful ladies!

 Been hibernating with stress from work lately...brain malfunctioning as well, hopefully there's still some healthy lively cells left in it, be it less than 5 or more.Good luck to everyone! God bless me too...hate next coming week, hopefully my work will be smooth.


  1. Hi! How are you all doing?

    Sorry, that I haven't posted again sooner, but I've been busy. I think it's super that Justine out and about again! The hat's a bit old? but (LMAO!) I guess Belgium is a bit slow on the fashion fad(s)?

    P.S Cab- I hope you visited the old Rail sites or have gone on the Rail walks. I went on one a few weeks ago near my apartment near the Rail Mail at Bukit Timah, really interesting stuff that was to hear stories about Spore rail/location history. A good culture day it was. :)

  2. Hehe that's so cool for Justine to be a godmother of a ship xD I like the hat she's wearing too, I haven't seen her Ju wear one like that before either :) I have to say that I miss her holding a racket and playing tennis, but I'm glad we get to see the brighter side of her :) Her smile in the 3rd last pic makes me smile :)

  3. Hi Greeny, I hope you are at ease in settling down in SG. Haha, yes we get to see Justine again and well, that hat at least looks good on her, don't ya think? It makes her looks very handsome ;-)
    And as for the old Rail sites, sadly, I haven't been to there b4, I always considered myself as a tourist in SG rather than a true Singaporean. There are many more places I believe I haven't been to in SG. I think a greedy pig like me only focus on the love for the diversity in food here.

    Sarah, yes it's cool, isn't it? I never thought that a ship can be baptized and you can be a godmother of it! Ju looking good in suit and that hat though it's not a micheal jackson hat but it's cool as well. Me too missing her holding that racket and I think it's the same racket series as she had last year? So long as we get to see her smile again, I don't care for much ^^ Good to see you again, Justine!

  4. Yeah if I ever buy a boat (lol) I'll have Justine be the godmother of it haha xD Ju looks pretty suave, not quite a fedora hat like Michael Jackson's but close :) It looks like the racquet she used for sure, but her smile is the best to see :D

  5. Totally agree with ya, Sarah..her smile is the best! Smile more Juju! ;-) :-) :-D :-*