Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Justine's updates (one at a go...)

I have to say sorry for not being able to update this blog frequently as my industrial attachment had started today and it will be work work work..so that means I wouldn't be able to upload Justine's matches in a batch way...now may really take 2 weeks to upload one full match (only weekend do I have the time to upload)  =(

But I have been following Justine's news thanks to Ilse's and Danielle's facebook fan page group for Justine...so I'm gonna post all the updates I've missed over here and here comes my stupid captions for the pics (sorry, it's Monday blue for me, need some self entertainment):

So firstly, Ju participated in the 2nd edition of "Motor Sport Exclusive RTLDay" as a passenger:
Haha, Justine in your own "bubble"! Cute seeing her wearing helmet! 
I have nv seen Justine in racing suit b4 and I must say she looks good in it! 
This is the pic which I can't seem to stop the flow of my saliva..she is so super cool and handsome!

Now comes the news of her participation in the "le beau vélo de ravel à Rochefort", the link is here:
Justine looks like a kid...
I must say (ok, I'm thick skinned) that Justine positioning for cycling is like me =X  
Ju looks so hip hop kid! This is the first time I see her wearing this kind of pants? 
Is that Justine's brother-in-law in blue behind? Cute Justine looking ready 
So many ppl, and Justine is the distinct black one.. 
gray shirt man:"Justine, I bet with you that I'll reach the finishing line first!"
Justine:"Hmmm...(wicked smile) then are you willing to bet your house on it too?"
Justine's bro-in-law:"This guy better has what it takes to win Justine else he may be homeless!" 
I wish I was there cycling with Justine!!!! I love to cycle! And Ju is all about precautions, see how her hands were always on the brakes? And nice pink on the shoes! 
Mr Cute Benoit:"Hey I told ya to focus on my gorgeous later on, keep the camera 90% on her ok?"
Mr Cute Benoit:"Is this camera rolling? yes? Good. My princess Juju! Here I'm cheering for you!"
Justine:"Oh I hear you...pls you're making me blushing..."
Guy with super cool headphone and yellow wire mic:"Justine, I'll interview you first cos your Mr cute requested to put the focus on you, else he's going to have to change the wire to pink"
 Guy with super cool headphone and yellow wire mic:"Tell me, Justine, do you have a cycling license?"
Justine:"Cycling license? Though I'm a danger to everyone (©Justine Henin), I don't think I need one, hahahahaha! Everyone just watch out for a speedy Ju!"
Justine:"I must say Mister, you look a bit like Roger Federer in his later years..."
Guy with super cool headphone and yellow wire mic:"Are you kidding me? Wow, which part of me does it looks like him?"
Justine:"Eh..I was just kidding, you know it right?" 
Guy with super cool headphone and yellow wire mic:"Chey...I thought you were serious...can't be bothered with you =( "
Justine with a cheeky smile..hehehe
Ju looks really competitive in cycling haha!
I always love the cheeky smiles from Justine!
Ju looks like she's trying to make her bike into a stunt bike?
Lucky cyclists, get to interact with Justine...I probably would hit a pole or something if I were there cycling and looking at Justine
I just love this pic of Justine cycling, so natural and sporty!

And now some moments of her handsomeness after seeing so much of her beauty ;-)
I always think that she is very handsome when she frowns a little and gives a slight smile....any girls fainted on spot?
BOOM! Ok, I'm just one of the girls that have fainted for 0.1 secs by Justine's handsomeness
Justine focusing on the camera while Benoit is focusing on Justine
I wonder if there's really an interview clip of her online...
I just simply LOVE this pic! Justine's sweet smile, so natural and ants attracting! 

And here's the youtube clip of parts of her cycling:

And also (I'll just copy and paste whatever Ilse had posted, sorry, I'm such a lazybum):

The tournament of the Little Prince returns this summer in Annecy (France).

It will be held from July 21 to 30 on the shores of the Lake Annecy. Organised by Club d'Annecy its a tournament for players under 18 years. This year they have a prestigious sponsor because its the Belgian JUSTINE HENIN, she will be godmother of the tourmanent:


And Justine was in the stands to support her 6th sense academy student Irina who was playing finals in Wimbledon girls junior not long ago..unforunately Irina lost but she put up a good fight and had a very good run in the tournament. Definitely a potential to be a talented good pro in the future, just need to learn to control her emotions and be calm and cool, she's still young and has alot to learn, but I believe Irina can do it! Allez!

And that's all for now, me going to sleep now and starting work tmr...tired...


  1. Juju looks so happy riding her bike, it's cute :) The first video was good, the end part with a close-up on her was nice :) Me too i would probably fall off my bike or ride it into a ditch or something if I saw her lol xD That reporter guy is lucky he didn't fall off from controlling his bike with one hand :P

  2. Yes Sarah, Justine looks so casual and cute in the pics, I really love her smiles. Haha, they say Benoit was involved in filming the videos so which partly explained why there's a close-up on her ;P

    I probably would ram into a tree and rolled down a hill...and that reporter guy can consider himself winning lottery.