Tuesday, August 9, 2011

super duper quick updates

Thank you to all sources-chinese Baidu Tieba, Ilse's FB, Justine's official FB, I get these pics and the vid

Let's start off with the pics of the chinese fans receiving Justine at the airport. Photos Credits to daiwen161,
Original thread from: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1167091344

From Brussels...arrived ;-) 
The patient fans, if only this event was largely publicized, I'm sure there will be more ppl there, but heard that some of the chinese fans couldn't make it because they don't live near there and or not free, hmmm, probably if Justine came to SG today, I wouldn't be free as well.
The thoughtful fan who made this banner? flag, Justine will feel pleased ^^

Still remember this? Haha, such a nice art and craft work! Looks exactly like the one in Ju's OS Wallpaper! So Kawaii!
Even the back view is so cute! Justine can use this as a phone accessory... 
The lucky fans getting her autographs, envious!! Ok, Justine still has a little bit of muscle mass on her arm but definitely lost alot of it. 
Justine seems to love wearing jeans, I still longed to see her in dresses, hehehe 
Casual Justine is really casual, even her bag too, looking comfortable and cool 
I suppose this is the fan who generously shared these photos, haha, a rather shy person :P
Justine seems warm and friendly to her fans, it's good to see that. 
And one of her back view pics. She looks so distinctive with her hair colour. 
And the signature of Justine on the artistic flag!

And here's a few pics uploaded onto FB by JyLuo:
Justine the guest of honour, from far, Justine looks like a stick in a way that she really is skinny now, though still looking beautiful. 
And yup, it's this shirt again which I think she wore it for the Adidas Barricade shoe event thing. 
Justine receiving interview, so I suppose there should be interview articles or maybe interview video soon? Hope there is!

Anyway, yup, here's a youku video of Justine presenting the awards:

"Some" screen captures (Yes I focused mainly on her head and her facial expressions):

Justine gladly being interviewed 
Feel her charm? I definitely do 
Lovely Justine looking as sweet as ever! 
and as comical as ever as well =P 
Ju wanna say "Cheese!" to all! 
The after-effect of the "Cheese" 
Side view...always loved her side view  <3
This look is the mischievous look of Justine, hehehehe... 
The "hehehe" should goes here. See her cheeky smile! 
Alright be ready for a handsome Justine, but first with a cute handsome one.. 
Now a total handsome Justine...(nose bleeding)
Oh this one totally captured the hearts of many girls I believe, so cool and handsome!! 
And here's a cute one! I love this cute expression!  

The following pics make a very good hair product commercial images:
Ju:"Want to have a smooth and silky hair like me?"
Ju:"Look at how I brush through my hair with ease, no 'tied hair'" 
Ju:"And no dandruff and still looking so cute!" 
Ju:"And of course sophisticated and stylish...Justine's hair care shampoo, your no.1 choice for no-more-bad-hair day! Allez!"

Alright, here ends my crap, may update this post or post a new post for the kun lun exhibition match thing if any. I'm hungry and sleepy...but I choose to sleep. Good night!


  1. Oh wow those people are very lucky to see her, Ju looks very chill and relaxed which is nice :) Her hair is very distinctive with the colour, love the captions, especially the hair shampoo ad xD Yep, sophisticated and stylish, has there been a more elegant tennis player on and off the court than Justine? Don't think so ;)

  2. Haha Sarah, I just love her hair so much, it's really like very soft and nice to touch. I'm not a pervert but I really wanna run my fingers through her hair, really seems so soft as compared to my bird nest hair. Justine is the one and only uniquely special tennis queen! Allez!

  3. It looks great doesn't it, I have to say that some of her facial expressions remind me of how she was on court, and the net behind her doesn't help either, ah I keep reminiscing, I'll never stop -.- her hair does look very soft, my hair's a little like that but longer, and not as soft and nice :P I gotta ask, where is everyone? It seems to be only us on here recently, have they lost interest because of no tennis? Thats probably not the case but yeah I've just realised xD

  4. Hi Sarah, yes I love every of her facial expressions, on and off court. She has a very expressive face which is kinda cute too!

    Haha, I guess most of Justine's fans are as low profile as her and maybe they're trying to see if there's any potential young players who are juju-alike from her academy? I do however lost a great deal of interest in tennis particularly women's tennis after Justine left but I'm still interested in learning to play tennis. And I should thank you for visiting this crazy blog :P

    I actually don't mind if there are or no comments though cos I will still try my best to crap as much as I could here even if it's hella boring as creativity runs out because this blog is a way for me to keep missing Justine's artistic tennis. Will continue to upload her tennis matches to youtube..I wonder when can I finish uploading all of them? Hmmm....

  5. Me too I love all of her expressions, some happy, some sad, funny, cute, whatever it is they always provide for good photo captions xD
    Yeah, maybe now that Juju has left the tennis scene her fans don't have much else to see of her if they don't look properly as she isn't in the spotlight all the time. I too have lost interest in women's tennis, hopefully there are some great juju like players out there. I play tennis, it's fun but hard to do Justine's backhand, it may look effortless for her, but it's not at all! My pleasure, this is my main source for all things Ju, and thankyou for keeping up your blog :) Visiting this place lets me know that I'm not the only one missing her, and I can still see her around :)

  6. I wish I know how to play tennis though...I know just by hitting the ball back is so hard even with two backhand, let alone single backhand...which is why all the more I admire Justine. From admiring just her tennis, I get to admire her as a person off court too! Haha, I always get Justine's news mainly from Ilse's fb though, and if there's no new updates of her news, my blog will mainly be full of my lame craps. poor blog...haha I'm sure there's many others who are missing her as well, especially those young players who aspire to be like her.