Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday to Lalie!!!

Today is Lalie's Birthday 20 March 2016! Hereby to wish little Lalie a happy joyous birthday! Sometimes I would forget if it's 2nd or 3rd or the 4th  birthday for Lalie, I hope I don't remember wrongly. Anyway, little Lalie,  you must be a good beautiful girl and always cheerful and smiling ^^

Here's my usual google image birthday cake for you. Sorry, couldn't send a real cake over even if I had used fedex or DHL or others, I just lived too far from Belgium, way too far.

Always stay optimistic, looking on the brighter side of life like a sunflower:


  1. Is there any pictures of Little Lalie?

  2. Hi Juju Dhim, thanks for coming here! I don't think Justine wanted her Lalie to be exposed to the media, understandably protecting her girl, wanting to let her grow up just like any other kids without any media attention.

    We can only hope her girl grows up to be a very beautiful sweet lady and perhaps by then when she's old enough, we get to see some photos of her?

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    1. Finally a photo of little Lalie