Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Happy 34th Birthday to artistic queen Ju!

Happy Birthday Justine!!!! So miss your artistic tennis, your sexy voice, your Allez! But luckily we still get to see your killer eyes, you haven't lost your seriousness in those eyes of yours!
Those are the eyes that first captured my attention and made me became a fan of you

But why cover them? Although you look so cool with sunglasses and yes, a racket and balls in hand!

Now you're no longer playing but in the audience stand or player box...back to the time when you told your mum that someday you're gonna be out there playing and you're gonna win, you're gonna be a champion and you succeeded, that's why I admire you Justine, you worked hard towards making your goal a reality

And a tennis cake for you:
Happy Birthday Justine!

Oh and btw, I loved your interview with Roland Garros!


  1. Happy birthday, Justine!

    Sorry it's been a fair while Chia, but I'm glad you're still updating. It's always good to see photos, and the interview was a nice read :) Indeed those eyes, they still captivate my attention they way they did when she was on court. That will never change!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      no worries, I have been lazy as well as being busy so I seldom update as well. Her eyes are really very mesmerizing and "story-telling"!