Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Juju GIFS animation part IV

I'm bored~~~ Zzz....it's gg to be new yr soon, just three more days and we can see Justine soon too! So I made some, and really not a lot of dizzy Juju's GIFS..sorry, kinda obsessed with animated cute Ju.

*Warning!: The following GIFs may make you feel dizzy..if you experience such symptoms, do feel free to look at the static pictures just right below and prepare some tissues for your mouth ;-)

These pictures below are big enough to be placed as your desktop wallpaper =P Just click on them for actual resolution
Justine professional look is damn charming! Justine's big enchanting eyes! Anyone on low energy level? Simple Instruction to recharge your body: Look into her eyes...
Let us drool over every view of her head...haha, the side tilted to upward view is nice too. Now then I can really see the outline of her face. Juju, I don't know how many times I've admired your look apart from your Tennis skills...do you know that you have a very beautiful pair of refreshed eyes and nice sharp nose? 
Seriously...I think alot of ppl will agree with me that Justine is a very beautiful woman with a pretty face. Those who disagrees...fine...here's a recommended website:

Here comes the GIFs....
On court GIFS:
The handsome Justine! That's her early days...wad a "sharp" expression! Did u get charmed by her? Now my lame thoughts...I wonder if any girls in her school actually mistaken Justine as a boy and liked her? She said it herself, she looks like a tomboy in the past....yes, now Justine evolved into a wonderful gorgeous lady!
Is this the wad Manipulation healing method? Though it hurts to see her in pain but this one looks like she can do a pretty good dance...but I do not want to see her on court like this. I want a healthy juju!
I know this one I did not do a good job in making this GIFs...it's a pretty difficult shot I think...I called it the Backhand-Slice-Down-The-Line? Justine had done this several times b4...I know she had done this against Petrova..I've forgotten whether it's the Wimbledon, or the AO or Brisbane match. Anyway, this shows that Justine is a pretty much all rounder very skillful and brilliant player, I luv it!

Off Court GIFS:
Looking familiar? Yes, the last part "Hee" pic is the one I've posted last time...i dunno why but I really like her styling in this show here. So I made quite a few GIFS from here and also screen captured a few pics too. She looks great in here, don't she? nice long hair and make up!
Hmmm...Munch Munch...Hmmm..."Delicious"->and I'm talking about the person in here. Even without any makeup, she looks just as fine and cute and refreshed. Can see she just woke up?
Bleh....her expression is so cute! Like a little kid! =P She looks just like that =P

Alright...counting down to her great return! I really miss her! 


  1. Yoh!

    Awesome! ST's blog was featured in a french site (^o^) congratzie...very cool eh!

    And the Juju gifs saga continues...Yay, Allez! ;D

    Backhand-Slice-Down-The-Line> yeah, she hit this shot against Nadia in Brisbane and I against Kristen in AO... fantastic shot specially in slow motion

  2. Yoh!

    Thank you Sly..I didn't expect that too so I was surprised(.^o^.) !

    And yes, cos I think making Justine GIFs is the only simple "talent" which I had...I still haven't really realizes what my true talent is..hehehe.

    Allez! her backhand is simply amazing and can basically do all shots! Justine's a very talented girl in sports and maybe in many other areas too! Let's just say...she learns things fast and her success is partly contributed by her character and personality. ppl thinks she's a cold person but I'd rather think she's a strong and determined person and seldom let out her emotions freely on court.

    And you're a hardcore fan sly, you know which matches her shots are...very good memory and Justine is lucky to have fan like you. Let's support her together! q^O^p ....(eh...I dunno how to make a cute icon)

  3. Beautiful pics!!

    Love the one on TV show. Ju is fun, sometimes boyish and sometimes ladyish. ;)

  4. Thank you Jo, yes I agree, Justine's actually a very fun loving gal. I love both her handsome and beautiful side. ;)

  5. 10, 9, 8.... It's a countdown until Justine lands in Perth, Australia!!

    Justine's got such great fans everywhere, I'm sure it's going to be for her during the first few days in Australia. The Europe/Australia jet lag problem won't be an issue this year! Put your sunscreen on Carlos!

  6. see I'm so excited I forgot a words in my sentence. (HA!)

    It's going to be "great" for her during the first few days rather than the usual acclimatization and jetlag problems Justine's dealth with in previous years flying in directly from Europe.

  7. hihi~hihi =D

    Greeny is so excited...skipping words in his own sentences...but seriously, it also happens to me too... ;)

    In my timezone, it's gonna be 4days to go before new year...so is Justine in Perth now, no pics yet appearing online...when will she practice with Ruben? I'm really looking forward to her playing mixed doubles, too bad Steve was injured...but I think Ruben should be a good partner as he must be quick too...

  8. Hi Sly,


    Got my first Justine in Australia news update! :) Ok- it's from Dongmei, and she received a message from Hopman Cup that yes Justine & Ruben have arrived, and in deed practicing today. :)

  9. woah, that was quick... just been thinking about Justine and Ruben practicing together, then suddenly a news flash...haha

    thanks Greeny (& Dongmei^^) for updates

    yay, the practice pics must appear any moment now =)

    now, where's Cab...hmmm ;D

  10. Hi Sly,

    Yes, I have to a few photos on our Forum now, and two very good interviews too. She talked to the Aussie media during practice. Justine sounds ready to go hard, and really work. She's looks very serious too in the photos. :)

    I think our Figther Justine has returned from hibernation! :)

  11. Ah sorry...been a slow poke. I was busy with my final year project stuffs.
    Yup, there will be no any lags now for her. She can get adjusted easily. Greeny, you're too excited..I guess we're all the same, I will forget the words I wanted to type too.

    Sly, I'm here! hahaha! Mine is about 3-4 days to new year! 4 days if including today. Can't wait!

    And I have to visit the forum now, I can't wait to see her serious look, yes Our Queen Justine has AWAKENED!!! Oh yeah!