Monday, December 27, 2010

Babylicious Juju

I'm back but pretty tired...just attended my cousin's wedding yesterday and being her "sister" but it's fun ^^

And here's some more of her Tao pics I've gotten from the forum, thanks to Greenout great treasure hunting, hahaaha! I wish to have an endless goldmine of Juju. Let us drool over beautiful Justine again...c'mon be gracious, don't keep your saliva...

Sophisticated Justine, look how elegant and classy she is when drinking. So Queen-like!
the reddish Juju holding the reddish tao can, her fav drink of the Taos..actually I think the red can looks peach colour to me. 

And now, my lameness and childishness again...forgive me, let me be a little girl for today, I no longer have children's day =(
I always think that Juju looks like my cute little pooh bear from certain angle...don't they both look cute? When Ju doesn't have any matches I will hug my baby pooh, hehehe. Justine is just as CUTE! 
And this one I'll just take it as it looks like Deuce cos of it's fur. Just that I need to spray it to, I think red is nice. 

*Edit:  And yes, here's one more youtube clip, credits to: JoelleMorane

Seems like it's an encore of her performance for the cap48...both are for charity...good work Justine, she looks different in there, maybe it's her eyeliner? But still beautiful of course!

Alright, that's all for now, no offense to our pretty lady Juju here. And Hopman's cup just around the corner....let's hope Juju's training goes well and Hohoho...Santa Clause gonna give cute Justine health and wealth and strength and power for the coming new yr 2011! After all, lady juju has been a good girl, we all know that =)  Allez Justine! Wish you great health and SUCCESS is just participating in a triathlon this yr and will reach "Justine's destination" in 2011!


  1. Hi Cabomba,

    Happy to read that you had a good time at your cousin's wedding. It's sort of a coincidence because I happened to be spending time with my cousin too on Christmas day. Our family had a nice dinner at her home... doesn't everyone love BBQ. Ok, so it wasn't a traditional turkey, but you can't sneeze at grilled shrimp and steaks!

    Speaking of BBQ- we go straight into Aussie talk. Justine's always enjoyed playing and being in Australia. I always felt Justine's gracious, and unpretentious personality fit in well with things down under. Off course, she was a little quiet and shy early in her career, but her honest character won over new fans and tournament organizers.

  2. Hi Greeny,

    spending Christmas with relatives is good and fun! Oh yes, I love BBQ, I love food! Though I prefer chicken to a turkey. =P

    Haha, speaking of BBQ-go straight to Aussie talk? Do you mean you'll get roasted in Australia? And yeah, really very hot there, I hope Justine don't get melted...but at least she had some time to get adjusted to the heat from sanya than straight away from Belgium to Australia.

    We all know Justine's a very polite and gracious girl. Even the French Candid Camera, you can see that although Juju looks tomboyish (maybe that's her dressing only) but she's very polite to gently refuse that man. From there, we can see that Justine is very well brought up!

    Except SOME of the retarded WS fans and also blind haters who keep on repeating and dissing Justine over the infamous 2003 (ahem) incident, which maybe also XXX's fault too, all the ppl who really have eyes should see that Justine's a really down-to-earth girl. But I won't pity these ppl cos they are beyond cure. Let's just say, they missed out a whole great part of Tennis and graciousness.

    Alright, let's not talk more on those haters, it's irritating, I know, sorry to bring that up again. I actually quite love Justine's shyness, it makes her looks so cute and sweet!

  3. Hi Cabomba,

    Congratulations, and a huge round of applause. Well done girl. You are famous in Belgium now as an international Justine Fan Blog(ger)!!

    Check this out.

    Belgian tennis journalist Patrick Haumont and co-writer of the first official Justine Henin autobiography ;) [Le Bonheur au Bout Du Court] used your English/Chinese translations. Very good stuff that was I have to say. Really proud of you. :)

    Bravo famous Justine fan Cabomba! :)

  4. Hihi greenout,

    Omg, I didn't expect this! It's a surprise and so called honoured to have the article translated over his blog and I appreciate his effort in translating them whole into French, but I'm afraid that my chinese to English translation isn't good and clear enough.

    But no, I don't think I'm famous, this blog is much more famous than me but that wasn't my intention to be famous too. Just my way of showing my obsession in Juju =P

    Still, I'm amazed how this blog link appeared on the belgian site, I should say thank you to you, Patrick Haumont, Ilse, Sly, Christie, Annmarie, and all those who visited this blog and all other fans of Justine who continue to support her.

    Cheers to Justine, she has so many international fans! We all love her! ♥♥♥

  5. Oh congrats, ST!
    I told you this blog is fabulous, and I am a very good judge of character most of the time,(except when I am not...hahaha) which is why I chose to be an obsessive fan of Justine's and her great character and example for others to learn by.
    I am very tired, just like everyone else, but its really because I recently adopted two infants! (sort of, as you know, ST).
    I hope ST and everyone else who comes here has a great New Year! Cheers!
    PS.. I watched that "encore" video of Ju performing onstage again. I really enjoy watching her talk in her native language because she looks so comfortable and talks faster... very expressive with more personality than when talking in English. I can see that even though I have no idea what she is saying! I guess I need to learn a new language.

  6. Thank you Christie!
    I just hope ppl won't find my blog too childish and lame, but appreciate Justine more. Yes, we can all be a good judge since our "love interest" hahaha is the same....Justine!

    the twins of Deuce you mean? they are still pretty small, aren't they? But really very cute!

    I've watched the video and always loved hearing her speaking in her native French too...though I had no idea what's she's talking about. Yes, it's always nice to see her speaking so comfortably and we will hear them comfortably too...just like the feeling of sleeping on my cozy bed! Me too, I need to learn French!!!