Monday, May 30, 2011

A stupid disappointing dream (oh f**k it!)

So I had went out with my frenz for a simple dinner and beer drinking at Holland Village last last, I love the atmosphere there at night, very lively and vibrant, alot of Caucasians are there too at the various pubs!

I didn't really get drunk for I only drank about 1 litres of beer. But I do feel very tired when I got home. And maybe due to the alcohol effect in my body, I had this weird dream, a very short one and clueless & boring though about Justine:

Somehow I was attending some seminars in a very big building, yes really big. I can't say how bored I am to listen to all the craps the professors were talking though and when the seminars ended, everyone were rushing out of the room including me. To my surprise, everyone was gathering outside and there were groups of them being formed. I realised that the groups were wanting to get the autographs from the professors. Different groups for different professors, I was like wtf? I don't care a single shit about them and dun understand why the professors were so popular. So I decided to go home. When I was walking towards the next building, I spotted Justine sitting down there (the building was shorter than my seminar building) but someone pulled me away and rushed me to the other places which I don't remember. But halfway, I decided to run back to see Justine. To my great disappointment, she wasn't there anymore, I ran down to the shorter building and decided to search for the place for Justine. I even can hear my heavily panting sound in it. I was very sad and then I woke up.

Yes this is the stupid idiotic dream that I had last night. Oh Justine, why why? Even in dreams, you don't even give me the chance to see you and get your autograph, shit lah! Now I so wanted to kill that person who pulled me away in the dream, makes me lost the chance to go up to Justine. Damn it!

I know my dreams are always fantasy like and although always weird and even can turn a supposedly horror dream into an adventure, but yesterday night dream is the one which I really really hated. Yes, I'm glad Justine appeared in my dreams but I hated it that I let go of the chance to meet her. Because this relates to my real life where I missed the chance to follow her 1st career and now that she's retired, I can no longer live the moments of watching her beautiful tennis live on screen. Oh god, if you want to give me such dreams, at least complete it where I can hug the cute Justine like a teddy bear!

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