Sunday, May 15, 2011

Justine new news

Ah sorry, I'm a slow poke and always a lazy one, my blog is more for self entertainment about Justine (posting random pics and captions of her and some other videos) so for any of her news updates and for the fact that I don't live in Belgium and I'm actually a very lousy resource finder; I hereby to "declare" (sounds so formal) that any news about Justine and posted up here in this blog are mainly from these 3 sources (they are my "Ju's staple food", much thanks to them):
Thanks to the sources above, my brain killed the sleep bugs residing after looking at dazzling Juju =D
so let's start off with Ju & Carlos visiting their home Belgium's new tournament "Brussels Open" on 14 May to support one of her players of her academy (it's a pity the girl lost but I believe she'll do better and greater in the future!):
Website of the  tournamentis below
Youtube Video of her interview by uploader BrusselsOpen

Translation at Justine news and media FB & Fan Club Justine Henin FB
More links of the news:
Justine looking handsome and cool! I love her sunglasses! so sportive like! And I'm sorry I cut out the guy on the far right, cos I wanted to reduce the size of the pic so that I can have a larger pic here.

Next up is her news about next week event: Justine will be sitting in the passenger side of test runs with rally driver Freddy Loix and the Skoda car team prior to Bolchold-Belgium race ( © Greenout's words from the forum):

Maybe one day Ju will be the driver herself? We all know that she's a fast driver which she confessed in Stuttgart final 2007 and yes a danger to everyone haha! Oh Ju, be careful pls! 

And lastly a busybody me for a gossip time (Justine and Mr cute supporting Belgium's football team Anderelcht, I'm more interested in looking at the pics hehehe):
Oh great, I love to see Justine so happy! Dazzling smile~ ah, my eyes almost blinded by the reflection of her bright smile, but I don't mind for more!
This pic shocked me from far, I thought a kiss was planted on Ju's cheek! So what secret is he sharing with Ju? 
Oh he's holding her hand, so sweet! Ok, I'm starting to like this guy more seeing Ju so happy with him, hope he's true to Ju and that they are blissful forever. Mr cute, I hope you're serious and truly loves Ju, you know there's a great wall of China queue waiting to snatch beautiful Justine away, so better cherish and protect her well ;-)
This pic is only to show that Ju is like a statue without changing her expression as compared to the pic above it, while that guy had closed his eyes. That's a lame spot the difference. Sorry, I'm a very bored gal.
 Front view
More front view...why does that guy always have such a comical smile? Maybe that's one of the reasons Ju smiled when with him =P
The forced smile on Ju cos her fav team had lost in the football match. Only Mr cute can assuage her sad feelings.

May both of you be happy!

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