Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm still alive to blog this boring post

I had went for a birthday party of my cousin yesterday which was a fun but tiring day. Yes yesterday was the so called "judgement day" by some of the ppl where they think that the world is going to end. I'm not gonna comment much about that, as I believe if the world is gonna end, then so be it, if it's fated this way. Of course life is precious and one should cherish his/her own life and live meaningfully.

And here's a youtube video of her singing in the short clip "Qui Est La? Justine!" (Shake more Justine, haha! Not bad dancing! And can I add in one more comment: Justine, I would support you to become a singer, I super love your sexy voice!)

Oh, that was so harsh to slam the door on cute Justine...I want to hear her finish singing, (btw, Justine, your eyes are looking at the wrong side, the camera's to your right) but the lady behind the door had enough "disturbances" from alot of ppl, haha! Poor lady!

Anyway, I haven't got any much creativity left in me to blog about Justine in a fun way and not boring one like this post. Sorry, my brain is getting old. I've just printed out 3 black and white pics of Justine from my photocopy machine cos I haven't bought myself a new colour printer yet. And the 1st pic I've used would of course be the originally black and white photo of Justine by Hans Westerling posted on flicker:
Yes, I've posted this pic on this blog b4, this is a nice piece of art, the best example of "a picture depicts a 1000 words"

And currently, I'm preparing for my FYP presentation on Tue, while continuing to upload Justine's past matches, it's gonna be a long long time b4 I could upload them all. Hope Youtube grant my account with no time limit of more than 15 min, so that I could upload the whole match and not parts by parts. As for her off court vids, I left it aside first, focusing more on her matches upload cos I still miss her tennis the most..

Right now is the start of Roland Garros, but I have no interest at all in watching any matches of it, but there are actually 3 of them whom I prayed do not get the title, because I think they simply don't deserve it, I will not say who, just keep that to myself.

Just to end this extremely sleepy post with some cute pics of Ju with RG trophies ;-)
I've won, I've won!!! Let's make it a hat trick! And she did it! (Though this pic is 2006)
I'm practicing my future role to be a good mum->Is this how a momma should hug her baby? Non? This baby is heavy though... 
Hey you, faster pass me the trophy, my hands are itchy to get it! Quick, else you'll get it from me! 
And here comes the "Mafia"... 
Who turns out to be a kind and sweet lady who finally got hold of her trophy King and planted a Queen kiss on it.

Back to blogging and uploading of the videos after my presentation! Wish me luck!

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