Thursday, May 19, 2011

Belgacom Dreambox->Dreamy Justine!

I refer to Ilse's facebook and also on the Belgacom Dreambox photo gallery itself for more Ju's pics

The pic below is one of the pic on the facebook page of Belgacom Dreambox:
Ju is the prettiest no need to say cos she's the only woman in the pic =P

Belgacom Dreambox photo gallery:

According to Ilse, it was a Clinic to the winning team of the Belgacom Dreambox in her Club Justine Henin in Limelette on 27 Apr (I'll paste some of my fav pics of the event):

I love the tao poster really nice! The boy wearing mostly white jacket, why look so cool?  
Told ya the tao drinks poster is nice and artistic cos Ju is in it! Lucky boy..
Ju: "Balls, pls behave yourselves later on and stay in the baseline!" 
Seriously, Carlos and Ju, both of you need to gain more weight! Carlos is like a stick man now, so skinny. Ju still listens attentively to Carlos's instructions, making me feeling somehow nostalgic =( 
Luckily there's always the charming smile given generously by our kind hearted Ju. It's a harmless contagious smile ;-) 
Give me a 5! 
How I wish all these were her own kids! The cool boy looks abit like Juju hehehe...but I'm sorry Ju and also to the boys cos I think Ju more handsome than them. Ju is a combination of beauty and handsomeness but don't worry boys, you all will grow up to be fine handsome suave men.
Tell me what did this boy do to make Ju laughs like this? 
Can I have the towel? It has the logo of Ju's club aka the pic of her head 
Ju: "Run boy, run, don't be lazy or I'll throw these balls at you 1 by 1! Just kidding, I love you kids so much Muacks!!"
Ju: "But that doesn't mean I won't be angry! You, yes, the boy behind the cool boy, don't try to hide cos you're too tall to hide behind him."
Tall boy: "Huh? Mademoiselle Justine, your finger is so long and artistic!" 
"Oh really? Thank you, I love you boys, so sweet!"
And Ju can't stop smiling with the kids around, motherly Ju!
Now this is a real Hi 5!
too bad Ju said she nv was impatience to take up the role as a coach, else I think she actually makes a very good coach! 
I just love big pics like this
This one looking sad but at least there's everyone's fav pic below to cheer up!
And may I present....
The Cheeky Juju! Very kawaii!!! Too cute! I'm gonna print this pic out if I got to buy a new printer, this pic will make my day everyday! 

There's none other artistic tennis player inside out like Justine! The greatest thing is not to possess the complete skills set, but the ability to execute them well out on court and Justine does it perfectly  you Ju!


  1. Cute photos, I love the end one :) it looks like Ju had fun with the kids, she'll be a great mother some day <3
    Allez Ju, best wishes for the future <3

  2. Hi Sarah, yes the last one is the pic that I love the most too out of this set of pics! Ju always loves the children and tried her best to help the sick children too! I so wanted to see her taking up the ultimate challenge in a woman's life and that is to be a mum. I'm sure she'll succeed in the role if she ever gets the chance to be one.

    Allez Justine!!!