Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Uh oh, I'm still not fully free yet, still have one last thing to rush->Final Year Project Presentation, haven't do the slides yet, not yet planned on how I should organize my ppt slides and push the 59pages of report into a more dynamic ppt slides.

I can only rely on my own self to complete it then to present on 24 May. This reminds me of Stephen Chow's famous movie <A Chinese Odyssey> It was a spoof to the story of "Journey to the west" where Stephen was the monkey god and in this movie has the modified "Only You" song. If you understand Cantonese, this is extremely funny clip:
(oh got the English subtitles too!)
~Even Buddha can't help you if you don't help yourself first~

Speaking of movies, I've recently tried to watch some French movies and so far I've watched two comedies type one: and . The first one is pretty touching to me, added humour too and I love the story! As for the second one, it's very funny as well and loved the part where she create a fake letter, Amelie is a very intelligent girl. =) I have downloaded another french movie but has yet to watch it yet, and the lead actress is Sophie Marceau.

Sorry that this post is not much about Justine, I still of course love this great champion, and misses her always and especially now when Roland Garros is near. Justine is the best clay court player with the elegant slides across the clay court and slices and varieties. Nowadays you can't really see an all rounder court player like Justine who can transition well from hard court to clay to grass because Justine's game style is not one dimensional, hers is multi-dimensions and with her superb athleticism which I don't see that in the women's tennis anymore. 

Miss the red clay with your presence
Oh Justine such high fighting spirit!
Roland Garros is not the same without you, it will nv be as exciting as b4 
The grace and elegance in ball striking, for the women's games, I can only see those in you 
I super misses you and your flying kisses of victory q(^o^)p  
The smiling Juju! I love this smile, cute and happy, makes me smiles too! 

It takes a billion years in WTA to have such a talented true champion with grace, kindness and humbleness like you. Justine Henin, a name to remember and a person to love 

 ♥♥   ♥    
       ♥     ♥      
♥   ♥      ♥    
 ♥ ♥            

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