Friday, May 27, 2011

Feeling Nostalgic...

I got the "tennis depression" especially now that it is Roland Garros period...sorry, because I miss Justine too much, especially her beautiful slides on clay. And she was not only the queen of clay but a great tennis legend to me. 
She grew up playing on clay I heard, so she's a natural clay court player, but her versatility allows her to have pretty great successes in other surfaces as well. Oh, Justine, so boyish but cute! Her cap was worn backwards!

This year RG, there seems to be quite a few upsets, Petrova was out, and Kim was another->I don't care about her but I'm glad she's out, sorry, I made it clear that I am not a fan of her but I won't bash her here or anywhere like some of the WS's (only the bad) fans do to Justine. I want to stay mature and not downgraded to those haters' level.
Justine was upset in 2004 due to an illness (from wikipedia: At the start of the 2004 spring clay court season, Henin's health was adversely affected by infection with a strain of cytomegalovirus and an immune system problem. She often slept up to 18 hours a day and barely had the strength to brush her teeth, let alone play competitive tennis.) 
why must she always be so unlucky to get all these illnesses and injuries as compared to some other top players, I always think that if Justine was taller, stronger, she'd have dominated the whole tour for a longer period. But whatever, if it's fated this way, let it be. 
Because Justine is a strong gal, and yes, also a very stubborn gal. She won't give up so easily even if she tripped and fell, she'll trained herself really hard and believes that if there's no pain, there's no gain.
And she gets rewarded in the end, her hard work do pay off, I miss this "hugging trophy smile", it's super natural and sweet! 
Roland Garros will forever miss your elegance on court! The red clay loves you, Justine! I think for once I'm crazy to think that the ball which Justine was holding onto, was smiling. I bet at that time Justine didn't know that she would be so successful in RG! 


  1. Justine shows magic when she plays on's always very special and you can almost feel it...last year though was very different... perhaps because her mind was set to Wimbledon, and that bad Weather. Pffffff!

    I really love clay matches but there's no one to watch for a full match really...The RG matches I saw more than 5 minutes were those of Rafa and Roger...I saw Roger's first round match and stick to finish it because his playing against Feliciano Lopez (a one-hander too ;) there's not match beautiful tactics used and the only highlight point I remember was Roger's smash backhand volley (facing backwards really) to get into the rally and end it with a forehand cc...he was always good with this shot and Justine also plays this kind of shot whenever possible...they don't go for easy shots just play with it as long as they can...I love this kind of attitude in players...I really miss Our Queen of Clay.

  2. Hi sly,
    I super miss Justine too, I agree that both Roger and Justine have the classiness of their game styles and true enough what captures ppl attention is their way of winning the games like you said, not just go for easy shots but play with tactics and variety. Last year RG was bad because Justine obviously hadn't got the time to really rest due to the bad weather that she had to consecutively play for days to finish the matches. Her body was still not fit enough to endure long matches and maybe slower recovery.

    Sam Stosur was out, I kinda like her but I watched her match and she was slow in reaction and not fast enough to move around, I wonder what happened to her. I've watched Schiavone's match too, I simply loves this woman's game right now since hers is the closest to Justine's and she had a very very beautiful game, reminds me of Justine. Sorry to Peng Shuai, I hope you're ok and recovers well, get well soon.

    The men's match, I've only watched Steve darcis's match I think 2 days ago, because I remembered Justine saying that she likes this boy cos he's very talented and true enough, he's really very talented! In fact, there's a remarkable shot made by him and it's shown on the RG's site. If he stayed healthy, he can go really far, I see the potential in him plus he's another single backhander! I think ATP has more players playing single bh than WTA.

    Justine will forever be the true queen of clay and also the legend of tennis in which she showed us how Tennis should really be played. I'm getting bored with WTA, next upset could it be Caroline? I do not hate this gal but I definitely doesn't likes her game. And I hope she don't win with her current game. If she can improve and add in more versatility to her shots, I probably wouldn't mind about her winning.

  3. Nadia out already...she's the only one I could watch in women's side and maybe Sveta too...I don't care bout Sam, Caroline, and the others... =P I don't like Fransesca really, I don't like noisy players, and don't get her attitude as I remember in one of her match against Justine, she went to a bathroom break during a point in that FedCup match during 2006 I think...I just don't feel anything special about her aside from last year RG final which I totally think she deserves it and played well.

    I was suppose to watch Ruben's match last night but totally forgot about it...haha, yes Men do have a lot of 1-handers than women's... I think I can count only more than 5 though (Roger, Stan, Victor, Feliciano, Gasquet, Nicolas, Steve...)

  4. Oh, if only Dementieva was still playing, I would definitely root for her all the way. Francesca I like her game, and sometimes she's funny, and I even find her grunt to be funny hee hah, better than Maria Sharapova's shriek. I do think that Franny is a very straight forward person, at least she don't wear a mask like some others, so I'm still alright with her. It's really her game play which reminds me of Justine a little, those slices, those dropshots and those sliding, seriously, other than Justine, Franny has the best clay game imo, problem is if she can withstand the hard hitters'power?

    Svetlana, I wouldn't mind her winning too. I would want for her or Franny to win. There's no real fav ever since Justine retired, and I occasionally watches the RG without any stress now.

    Oh Ruben, but he didn't play RG right? I think he played challenger and won the match. Steve is out now =( but at least he played really well against the no.9 seed! Good luck to him in the future!

  5. Roland Garros needs their queen Justine, it's just not the same without her grace out on the court. The only player I really watch is Roger or maybe a bit of Rafa, but Juju really was the best. Good luck to Rogi though :) it makes me sad looking at pictures from the times she was unwell during her career, she so didn't deserve it (nor does anyone) however she was still tough.
    Theres no player like Juju, I love you and miss you in this game <3

  6. We need Queen Justine to re-appear, but it's nice to know she'll have a wonderful Birthday next week. Speaking of June...

    I'll be back in Spore next week. :) Hey, maybe Archie Panjabi from The Good Wife visit Malaysia this summer? She has family in Malaysia, and she's a Sikh. A visit to her KL Guru is required right? Ok. I'm clueless about Indian religions. The Good Wife airs on Starhub, so why not drop by SG and give an interview the papers. But knowing the Media corp some airhead or annoying sexist reporter will talk to Archie, and she'll be peeved like the majority of the unlucky interviewes. And i have to say I didn't miss reading those wacky headlines from the NEW PAPER these past months in Hawaii! Rather strange that I only now have a favorite actress that's Indian, and I have one from living in the USA, and watching an American tv show. She really huge in the US, by the way - the most popular charcter TGW.

    P.S.S I won't be joggin in the East Coast. :( My new flat is in Bukit Timah. So, I'll be doing my running at the various parks in the area.

  7. Hi Sarah, yes RG needs Justine and I can't watch RG with much passion when Ju is not there. If only 2004 she's healthy, and imagine she'd won, it would be consecutively 2003-2007! But even without 2004, she's still the best clay queen in this era! <3 Ju forever!

    Greeny, you won't stay back in SG for long right? But have a good time tasting back all the kuehs and local delicacies here, I've given up on Mediacorp, I haven't been tuning in to watch their dramas for years I think. Good that you still get to follow some other artistes, I dunno why but my heart capacity is small can only contain one at a time, and I decided not to take in any more idols, after Justine nearly gave me heart attacks! She'll be the last and only one in my heart, my poor heart cannot take in any more max blood pumps!

    I failed my motivation to jog everyday after body ache for that one jog and yesterday went out to "dine and wine" or dine and beer more appropriately with frenz, back with some more calories stuck in me! Keep up staying fit, I may need to start jogging again tmr when my body's better