Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Happy 29th Birthday to Justine! Oh time flies, 10 years ago, she was still 19, a very young and cute but very skinny little gal, now she's stronger but her body is still prone to illness, but one thing is certain, our queen Justine has grown up to be a very very beautiful woman.

Oh Suhu san, allow me to embed your video here, I think it's a very artistic and lovely video of Justine, one of the videos which makes me falls in love with Justine when I was just starting to like her:

Done by:  Her blog is here: 
"Justine Henin was the best, is the best and will be the best"
Beautiful video and beautiful Justine, I love this song and its instrumental version as well.

And now the past pictures of her cutting the cake (taken from facebook and various sources):
Joyeux Anniversaire!
Before the "candles" lights up, let's make a wish and smile for the cam!
Then time to light up the "Candles", Justine: "I feel GOOD, I knew that I WOULD yeah!"
Can you see the "V" from the fire sparks? V stands for Victory! Oh I wonder what gift she got! Looks like a big bag she's carrying
Simply love this pic! And the cake looks yummy~
Queen of Clay forever and the greatest tennis legend in this era for me <3
Why do Justine's knife look slanted? I think it's a fruit cake? Wonder what is her favourite fruit!
Hehe Justine, can you give me a slice of your birthday cake cut by you? Just Fedex the cake to me, it will be the greatest delicacy for me! June babies rox! (Sorry ah, indirectly saying myself, bwahahahahaha! Oops!)

May you enjoy this special day and let's get this party started! We fans cheer for you, no matter where you are! Our hearts will forever be with you ♥ * INFINITY!


  1. One of the best cakes I ever saw indeed. Lovely intricate designs of caramelize sugar (I think). Really the best cake for The Queen of Clay herself. This maybe years ago but Justine smile of gratitude were really lovely and sincere.

  2. Yes, I drools over the cake too but I also drools over Justine as well (Hey, I'm supposed to be straight! But Justine is the exception to make me "crooked")

    Photos are good because they captured the emotions and sometimes the best moments forever be kept as sweet memories and I'm glad Ju appeared in many photos because she's the sweet memory for me. Love her all kinds of smiles ;)

  3. Mm that cake sure looks good, and Juju's smile is sweet... happy birthday my queen! I am born in June too :D Best wishes for a long and happy life and that your latest aspirations are sucessful. I miss your tennis so much but im so proud it you still doing great things :)
    Love you Juju!

  4. Yummy Cake + Sweet Justine = Super delicious to the eyes and stomach! Haha, so many June babies! All the best to Justine! Forever love~