Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Glam Slam Part 2

Here I am again...I feel the life of this blog is pretty low, trying to resuscitate it, haven't really got the idea of what to blog about our beautiful Justine. But for sure, I still love her much and misses her, hey Ju, you really dun want to show your beautiful face eh? 

Anyway, since long ago, I already wanted to post the Carlos Et Fils of Justine wear collections, but I'm afraid of the copyright stuffs, but since I've already breached it multiple times and I'm always a baddie who can't turn over a new leaf because the leaf already turned brown front and back and eaten by the black worms, I dun care anymore...

Ok, I'll give the credits to the site: (you can find all the photos from this site) and I also remember JH supporters forum does have it? The chinese baidu tieba forum has it too. And the photos uploaded here are not the complete set, go to the site to drool for more..

Not all of the wear I like though, even if it's the cute gorgeous Juju modelling it:
Blue is my favourite colour but I'm not sure if I like this one, well, I find it still acceptable, at least Justine's complexion is good!
Like this one because it seems like she's doing the side abdomen exercises =X 
Didn't see the front, but from the side, it looks like a simple nice dress, feminine Ju out again! 
Ju...what a unique sitting posture..back to your suaveness Justine
Ah, this is much better...I can wear this next time as office lady! Nice shoes but big foot me can't wear it I think 
The Biker Lady Boss! Too cool! Eh, I don't think she had changed her pants compared to the above pic, her inside shirt also, got this angelic mafia feel... 
Angelic Mafia? Huh, what?
Justine must be loving blue as well, so BLUE! Please don't wear this on Monday...
No much comment except to say that the buttons were big and Justine had a very nice shy smile ;-)
The top making Justine looking feminine, heck, She is feminine!
This casual wear is not bad! I like it!
Cos Justine looks handsome in it! 
Meditating wear? Simple and sweet
Even sweeter when Deuce is beside her, and looking at Justine dearly (I think Deuce is looking at Ju, I can't see her eyes) For some reason, when this photo was shown in my phone, I couldn't spot deuce, too black, I spotted it through its trademark red collar
Good night Justine, you look Zzz 
I like this photo set, the top and the pants are nice!
Oh, I'm dead...her killer smile just electrified me with her 1000 Voltage! Did I smell something burning?
Hey Ju, look behind you...can you see a hunk peeking at you? No, not looking to your right, look behind! 
Cute Justine! She looked abit cross eyed, haha! I even printed out a small standard 4R photo of this pic, oh Justine always couldn't close her it left or right =) 
The second set of pics which I loved, I call this set the "Flight Stewardess" pics 
I can imagine this is at a bar, and gorgeous Ju is sitting down there and guys are buying her drinks
But "haughty" Juju only wants some time of her own, and her heart already taken by a very cute round guy called Ah noit zozo. (sorry Ju, it's a stupid fiction, as always, made up by me as a form of self entertainment) 
Perfect! I love this dress (can I call it a dress, cos I dunno what this is called)
I swear if I'm a guy, I'll certainly go after you, even if it means buying air tix, flying over to Belgium, try all means to meet you and trying to make some weird potion to attract your attention...evil me! Lucky I'm not a guy...phew! But hey, that's even worse...
Luckily for this photo, it was shown only her half body, cos from the site, the full dressing is like she's gonna participate in climbing the mount Everest or should I say the near-igloo wear 
Hmmm, not bad but I still love the dark blue version one.. 
As usual, got the big boss look! 
Weird, I'm attracted to her shoes...but can't say I love them though
I'm running out of captions..nice zip =X 
Eh...nice belt and pockets! You can always stuff coins in any of the pockets
Another dose of feminine Ju! I can wear this for my casual wear for any outings! To me, I think this suits Justine very well, simple and casual. 
But I think the bag looks too bulky like she had hidden Deuce inside... 
Hmmm, considered formal wear? Arghhh...dunno what else to say, but well, this looks good on her. 
Justine is "The Thinking Woman" 
No comments->No more brain cells for the slightest bit of lame creativity, Ju looks good in all the pics for her beautiful face and fit and slim body.
Ok, at least this one I have something to say->So Sweet! Deuce can walk on two feet! Now I see, RED & BLACK are a great Team!!!

Ok, that ends my another post. Seriously, after this post, I dunno what else I can squeeze out to blog le, maybe the usual GIFs I can make out of Justine's comical kawaii face? I'm getting older, my brain hasn't been of much use, even playing Sudoku doesn't excite the lazy cells in it. Sorry blog, I can only dump all my craps in you, lame or serious, funny or unfunny and idiotic? 

but one thing ain't gonna change->That is my love for Justine! no matter how much she disappears, even to the extent of finding just one strand of gray hair of her is simply made impossible, because we need to get Ju  b4 we can find the hair, I will still love Ju. So dramatic huh? But please Justine, live your life happily and get married soon!


  1. Wow Ju looks very pretty in these pics, always shows class and sophistication :) Thanks for sharing :) Some of the outfits are on the interesting side lol but I think she looks good in the black "dress" thing, well she looks good in everything, especially with Deuce I love her smile :)
    Hope to see more of you soon Ju <3

  2. Hehe, Ju is simply Julicious! She is really a natural beauty which I think light makeup will do. No no to heavy makeup. Dresses always suit her, I hope she wears them more often just like the BoB (Best of Belgium) pics, a real surprise treat to her fans in wearing that cute dress!
    Deuce is such a darling, I'm liking it more and more! Come on Ju, bring yourself and Deuce out to the camera!